Top 5 Free Udemy Courses

Online learning is occupying more space than physical learning for some years. The current situation of the pandemic has added more importance to it when institutes are being closed by the governments.

Everyone is trying to search for the best education online, so the “Top 5 Free Udemy Courses” will help you a lot.


In the list of uncountable online learning platforms, Udemy stands at the top. It is the biggest website in the world having more than 1,70,000 courses on its server. Over 55,000 instructors and teachers are delivering their services in the form of online courses in almost all the regional and national languages.

It has all you need or want to learn. Courses from Python language to digital marketing, from Chemistry to Mathematics, from literature to foreign languages, everything can be found here.

Free Udemy Courses

The courses on Udemy are paid and you have to pay an enrollment fee to avail of any course. This fee is fixed by the author of the course, so every course has different charges.

But if you are looking for a free course to learn, do not disappoint at all. We have an option for you here. There are many websites that are offering free online courses without any subscription or enrolment fee.

Every website has its own structure and theme. Some websites are really good and some are worse as they will ruin your time and energy. These websites show unlimited ads and redirect you to other pages.

It is always difficult to choose the best website for free Udemy free courses on the internet. We suggest you Free Course Site as we found this website the best among them all. It has a very simple nature and easy-to-use structure.

You can find unlimited courses on Udemy, and of course, on the Free Course Site if you want to avail of them for free.

Top 5 Free Udemy Courses

Here is the list of Top 5 Free Udemy Courses which are most searched and downloaded

S.E.O for Beginners:

Search engine optimization is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the present age. It is becoming more important every passing day as with the addition of new pages to the web every second, the competition of being more optimized is also increasing.

The courses on SEO are worth and beneficial even you are a beginner. Download any of these courses and start earning a better income.

Web Development:  If you want to try your fate in the field of Web Development, there are many courses recorded by the best experts of the field on Udemy. All these courses are well explained and recorded in a very simple way.

Check out all these courses and find the best one that suits your requirements. Web Development is only one click away.

Content Creating:

Content Creating is also becoming a very useful field to earn a handsome income. This includes content writing such as article writing, blogs, description writing, Resume Writing, and many others, video content creating, etc. to become a perfect content creator, you need to learn some technical points as well.

The courses on Content Creating present on Udemy are here to help you out if you are suffering from a lack of technical experience. You can find courses from one hour to a detailed 5 hours long course. Pick up the best course among a long list of bests.

Graphic Designing:

With the boom of Websites and web pages, Graphic Designing has also reached the height of demand. It includes Logo Designing, Wallpapers, and other Graphic works.

The courses on Graphic Designings include photoshop skills, graphic skills,s and many more. If you are intrusting in Graphic Designing, Udemy offers you a perfect package of courses. Just pick up the best and start learning today.

Affiliate Marketing:

Online stores have grown immensely in the past 10 years and it has produced a huge list of jobs and businesses. The affiliate market is also one of them and is very popular among the people who love to do business. It has many sub-branches such as Virtual assistance, description and product writing, and much more.

The courses on Affiliate marketing have everything you want to know and learn about online business. If you really want to earn through this, just make up your mind. The opportunity is only one click away.

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