Tips on How to Score Full Marks in Class 9 English

English is one of the top subjects in schools. No matter where you are in the world, it is practically compulsory to have English as one of your main subjects. We all know that this is for good reason as english is considered as a universal language. 

The first, and most obvious reason that English became widespread in the first place is because of the British Empire. Even after the end of the empire, the British were able to leave their impact on such a severe level that English is now considered as an official language in a total of 67 different countries, along with 27 non-sovereign entities. 

Surviving without good grammar, theoretical and speaking skills has been proven to be quite difficult on this planet. Which is why, in order to help the students who may not be comfortable with this subject, a list has been compiled stating various ways to study English for class 9. 

  • Complete the Basic NCERT Course

It has been said various times that basics are the most essential. So why not start with the most basic book there is of English for class 9? The NCERT. The first and obvious book that students of class 9 need to study for top grades is the English Beehive NCERT Books Class 9 . The Beehive contains the maximum part of the syllabus which will help a student to excel in grades, given it is understood and studied thoroughly. The Basic NCERT course provides all there is for class 9 from the stories to the questions which will allow a student to cover up maximum parts of the exam. 

Tips on How to Score Full Marks in Class 9 English
Tips on How to Score Full Marks in Class 9 English

The link to this particular book is given below:

  • Breaking up Words 

One of the best ways to get your mind to learn new spellings, wordings and just different meanings is to break the word into 2 or more 3 parts like syllables or sounds. Doing this allows the mind to break one huge word into small chunks and memorize them individually and separately. Once written or noted, going through these words everyday will help students to understand them better. 

  • Get a Grammar Manual

Basic grammar may be easy to understand but once the level of difficulty is increased a notch, the whole explanation becomes complex due to the fact that there are so many rules to follow and each rule is said to be applied differently in complicated ways. Which is why it is said to be effective to have a thorough reference book like a proper grammar manual nearby that you can consult while studying. In such a way, any time a perplexing grammatical question arises, a student will be able to quickly refer to the manual to obtain the answer and learn how to do it. There are many high quality and easy to understand  grammar and writing books that can act as a guide on the market. Your nearby library or better yet, your own school library contains thousands of these. Speak to your librarian or English teacher for various recommendations.

  • Read 

Reading not only edifies the mind but also helps it understand different words and phrases of various sentences that you maybe had no idea even existed. Reading different books that includes not only your NCERT course, but also fiction and non-fiction interesting books written down by professional authors can broaden your mindset when it comes to English. Another great thing about reading is that it may be the number one way for you to improve your grammar skills. When you read, you enhance correct grammar and literature in your mind. It can be particularly encouraging to read out loud, as the collection of viewing, speaking, and hearing assists in strengthening what you have learned. In addition to improving your grammar, reading will help with all portions of your writing, from sentence formation to increased and better vocabulary.

  • Proofread Out Loud

A little mistake can be a huge problem when you are writing long sentences and when we read, there is a possibility our mind might miss out on a small grammatical mistake. However, when we re-read hunks and sections we have written, our brain fills in the gaps of missing pieces of information. We are not always able to catch our own mistakes when we proofread. Reading what you have written out loud, preferably to someone else, is a great way to check whether or not you have used correct grammar. It is more likely for you to notice your errors if you read the written piece of content aloud, rather than in your head to yourself, which tends to have small slip ups from time to time. Not only will this help your writing and grammatical skills, it will also help you to pronounce and enunciate each word and letter fluently and swiftly, without any hesitation or hiccup along the way. Hence, improving your speaking skills too. 

  • Watch English Videos

By watching English videos, it is not said that you only have to watch school related stuff or something boring which does not spike even an ounce of interest in you. Treat yourself with different videos such as movies or documentaries. You can watch different intriguing English documentaries, your favorite movies or series which contain your kind of spice that gets you so thrilled and causes your adrenaline to shoot up and hit the sky. Not only is this good for your mental health as it makes you happy and provides your body with a good amount of serotonin, but it also helps you to understand various words and sentences or particular phrases and how they are pronounced. Watching these will motivate you to watch more of such collections, which over time when watched regularly, will improve your grammatical skills in a jiffy. 

English is not a complex subject. There are just certain ways to learn different items and these chunks of information may not be a piece of cake for every student out there. Which is why, now with this list, you can try your best in English with your improved skills in your upcoming examinations. Good luck! 

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