Tips for Class 10 Chemistry Exam Preparation

Chemistry is the branch of science that studies acids, bases, salts, carbon compounds, structure, properties, and composition of particles and matters. 


It is a subject that you either love or hate entirely. Every student has a different mindset and ability to learn and understand. You must make your preparation strategy according to your understanding. 

Passing an examination with a good score is not a difficult task. With the right preparation and motivation, you can quickly excel in your examination. Students must be careful while preparing for the chemistry examination as it dramatically impacts their future.

Preparation Strategy Tips For Chemistry Exam

1. You first need to understand the syllabus and jot down all the topics you must study for the class.

2. Try to start your preparation with NCERT Solutions Textbooks and Notes, then move on to other books for reference.

3. Periodic table is an essential topic of class 10 chemistry, so make sure you know the electronic configuration of the elements.

4. Note the reactions and make proper notes for them, which can help you later. 

5. Do not ignore numerical problems. Sometimes, students think that numerical problems are not essential and face trouble in the examination.

6. Give your answers to the point. You need not write a whole paragraph if the question can be answered with a simple reaction.

7. Go through the names of all the reactions and focus on balancing them as well. 

Tips for Scoring Good Marks in Chemistry Class 10

1.  Go through the study material

Usually, students use the traditional learning method. They get into the class, read the thing the teacher is teaching, and afterward go home. It is not the right way of learning. You must go through the study material before the class itself. It’ll help you to understand the topics clearly. 

2. Take good notes

The quality of notes matters the most during the examination. Attending the class regularly and understanding is not enough. At the last minute, you do not have the time to review the textbooks again and again for revision. In that phase, notes will be your partner to go. 

3. Use Flashcards

We recommend various ways to understand the concepts, whichever seems more accessible to you. Flashcard is one of the most accessible ways to understand and learn a concept. 

4. Study Groups

They can be a great support. Connecting with a well-organized study group can help solve many problems and give you a new perspective. You need to make sure that you’re connecting with the right people. Sometimes, people with different goals can create chaos in your life, which restricts you from achieving your goals. 

5. Break the bigger goal into smaller tasks

The primary mission is to understand the concepts clearly and excel in the examination. For that, try to break the topic down into smaller ones and then start your preparation. 


For preparation, there’re many tricks like solving the sample papers or previous year’s question papers, reviewing NCERT Solutions, and much more.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is how you prepare for the examination and give your best. It doesn’t matter what tricks you’re using for the preparation. 

But we hope that the tips and the preparation strategy can give you a brief about how to start your preparation and ace your examination. 



Q1. Are NCERT Textbooks enough for the Class 10th examination?

Ans- Students first go through the NCERT Textbooks and other reference books.

Q2. Where can I get the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Chemistry?

Ans- You can get all the NCERT Solutions for class 10 science on the official website of Physics wallah to get complete solutions.

Q3. What are the passing marks of the Class 10th in Science?

Ans- You must score at least 33% to pass the examination.

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