This Teachers Day, LaunchMyCareer pays tribute to #MyTeacherMySuperHero

Press Release: New Delhi, 02nd September 2021: LaunchMyCareer, India’s leading career-success platform that engages the user in self-discovery, careful career selection, and personalized learning pathways, has joined hands with Merakii to launch a heartwarming Teachers Day campaign, #MyTeacherMySuperHero. The campaign is dedicated to the teachers who are the guiding light of our lives, as well as our career journeys.

At every step, we look up to our teachers … to know the right from the wrong, to learn invaluable life lessons.  Teachers put in a lot of effort, hard work and resilience in building our lives and moulding our unique success stories. While the country is gearing up to celebrate its 49th Teachers Day, LMC decided to go the extra mile to celebrate the people who have helped build our dream future. The film is a tribute to them who educate the kids of our nation, one by one, into what they are today.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Ankur Aggarwal, Director, LaunchMyCareer, elaborates, “We work very closely with the educators of our country and this is our acknowledgement to their perseverance and hard work, to help make our dreams a reality. It is an honour as well as a privilege that together, we aim to make India a fully-educated country.” 

Speaking on the concept and execution of the campaign, Bhagyashree Singh, Director, Merakii elucidates, “Over the last few years, I have observed that a big-budget shoot may not be the only creative answer to the complex algorithms of today’s digital consumerism. When you visualize any topical day through a lens that moves people, every occasion becomes ‘universal’ with respect to context, and ‘relatable’ when it comes to the content we showcase. #MyTeacherMySuperHero campaign is one such honest effort to showcase our tribute through the lens of teachers’ earnest efforts. It is a salute from team LaunchMyCareer and team Merakii to the real heroes, who build our dream careers with their patience, creating countless success sagas in the process.”

About LaunchMyCareer (LMC)

LaunchMyCareer is a career-success platform that engages the user in self-discovery, careful career selection, and personalized learning pathways. LaunchMyCareer has been established with a commitment to empower learners along a comprehensive career journey. Looking for the right career doesn’t have to be that hard, and LMC utilizes a range of fun, innovative and engaging career-building tools. Currently, LMC has partnered with NISA (National Independent Schools Alliance) while aiming to associate with more educational institutions in the near future.


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