The Six Types of Commercial Refrigerators Available in Our Markets Today

When you are running a business, having commercial refrigerators is a necessary investment that you must have because it’s vital to the food service operation that you are offering to your customer. Every commercial refrigerator has its different and unique specifications and as a business operator; you need to have a good idea on how to pick the best refrigerator that works for your business because even the door style and its layout can have a huge impact and difference on its functionality.

For instance, if you are opening a new restaurant, having a walk-in kind of refrigerator storage for your specialties and delicacies is a good decision to have. So, let this article guide you to the different types of commercial refrigerators. 

The Reach-Ins Refrigerator

This type of refrigerator is the most common type of fridge we can see at restaurants, commercial kitchens, and hotels because it can store larger items inside of it. However, compared to other types of fridges, this has more cooling power and offers larger space.

If you want to consider a reach-in refrigerator, you need to think of your needs and the functionality that you expect to have. This type of fridge also offers various colors, designs, specifications, and functionality, you need to know beforehand your plans or even its location for your business. 

The Walk-Ins Refrigerators

This type of fridge is commonly large and insulated with closed spaces because it is used to store and display frozen and refrigerated foods for the customers to choose and pick. Commonly walk-in refrigerators can be found in restaurants or the receiving area of the store because when there is a delivery it can easily be transferred inside of it without creating a bottleneck in the kitchen area. 

One of the features of this fridge is its ability to save electricity because you can easily close the door find youI’m like the other ones. 

The Undercounted Refrigerators

This is the perfect refrigerator used for storing meats and other farm products because it can easily be installed in the working platform convenient for the customer and owner at the same time. This under-counter fridge can be customized depending on the size and location you want and a freezer type is also available for it.

The Refrigerated Prep Tables

This type of refrigerator is commonly known as a mega top refrigerator which is one of the most refrigerators we can have in our store because of its specialized functionality and design that surely attracts you. It has easy access to the ingredients you need in cooking pizza or spaghetti; you can immediately pick them up on the series of counters available inside of it.

The Bar Refrigerators

This kind of refrigerator is specialized in storing beverages or any kind of drink. It is built with the use of stainless-steel vinyl looking pleasing and attractive inside the bar.

The Merchandising Refrigerators

Many business owners choose to have Nova Chill Refrigeration in their store because it can display a huge number of items from which customers can choose. It has a sliding glass door that gives convenience to customers in picking the right items that want to buy.

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