The Right Kind of Prep for a Gorgeous Spray Tan!

Spray Tan Guide: How long spray tans last, how to prep your skin, and how  to get rid of spray tan stains

Sun-kissed tans that do not require any kind of sun exposure is indeed an exciting proposition. You can opt for airbrush tanning, spray tans, or even book tanning bed sessions for that bronzed look! A sunless tanning salon of repute should be contacted for suitable advice. If this happens to be your first tanning experience, sprays are your best bet.

Spray tans are easy and convenient. Besides, you can achieve results pretty quickly too. Here are some ways in which you can prepare yourself well for a perfect tanning session! What’s more, if you choose the best “tanning salon near me” you can also avail of mobile services where the specialists come home and offer you a session at home. You do not need to visit a salon at all! 

Considering that it is your first session, here are some ways in which you need to undertake preparations for it. 

Preparing for your Airbrush Spray Tanning Session

  1. Always Exfoliate: The best way to prep your skin before a spray tanning session is by exfoliating with the help of a dry brush. Dry brush through the entire body for complete detoxification of your skin so that the tan looks exceptionally good on your smooth and bright skin. 
  2. Discuss your Expectations Specifically Beforehand: Before your tanning session can begin, be specific about your spray tanning results. Discuss your shade options. Do you want to have a bronze look or a sun-kissed tan? Is it a darker tan shade you are looking for or a shimmery tone that has a glistening appeal? Being specific about your requirements will help your service provider in planning things accordingly. 
  3. Prepare yourself to Go Naked: As any Boca Raton tanning salon specialist will tell you, no matter how awkward it may seem at first, going completely naked for your session is the best you can do! The overall impact of your tan will appear much better when you go completely clothes-free. Believe it or not, tanning specialists have seen it all. It does not make any difference to them at all. Shed your inhibitions and do what is best for your look!  
  4. Remove every Piece of Jewelry: Remove every piece of jewelry you have as they can leave patches or crease marks if you have them on during the spray tan session. Your body should be completely free of clothes and jewelry and just about anything in order an even natural tan! Position your hand like a claw before you spray. Wipe down the soles of your feet, the creases in between toes, and also the fold between the fingers.

When you shortlist a Coral Springs, tanning salon based on merit, also make sure the sprays they use have been fortified with natural ingredients like aloe vera extracts for instance. Natural products enhance the glow of your skin as they work up a tan. Carrying out an allergy test before the tanning session is also important. Once the session is over your tanning specialist is likely to provide you with the necessary guidelines about care and maintenance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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