The former King Fahd Cup

King Fahd was the ruler of Saudi Arabia between 1982 and 2005. You can always visit – place a bet pk on all football competitions held in this country. In 1992, a brand new competition that would later become one of FIFA’s most important tournaments was held for the first time. In honor of the king, the Saudi Arabian football federation decided to organize the adequately named King Fahd Cup. Its original purpose was to face Saudi Arabia against some of the best national teams in the world, preferably winners of continental championships. Enjoy the chance to place a bet now on 1xBet pk, and take advantage of the best odds that are offered on this website.

The first edition of the championship

The first edition of the King Fahd Cup was held between the 16th and 20th of October 1992. All matches were played in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. You can now obtain absolutely free 1xBet apps for mobile betting and wager on all these exciting football tournaments. The participants of this edition were:
  • Argentina;
  • Ivory Coast;
  • United States;
  • and Saudi Arabia.
The format of the competition was quite simple. It began with a semi-final round. The winners would progress to the final and the losers would play a third-place contest. The 1xBet apps can be used for mobile betting too, and matches from all those teams are also featured. The 1992 King Fahd Cup was won by Argentina.

The 1995 King Fahd Cup

The tournament was held once again in 1995. However, this edition of the championship had a slightly different format from the previous one. There were six participating teams rather than the previous four. You may always visit 1xBet – bet live easy now on all matches from the best competitions among national teams. These six squads were divided into two groups of three teams each, which played a round robin. The top team from each group went directly into the final match. On the other hand, the second-placed teams went into a third-place contest. You can make an easy live bet on 1xBet on these decisive matches from some excellent football tournaments. The championship was won by Denmark, which defeated Argentina 2-0 in the final. One of the most important aspects of the King Fahd Cup was that it evolved into one of FIFA’s most important tournaments. From 1997 onwards, FIFA took over the organization of the tournament and turned it into the Confederations Cup. This championship was seen as the rehearsal of the FIFA World Cup until its last edition held in 2017.

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