Spray On Window Tint?

I as of late ran over some spray on window color while investigating imaginative ways of coloring a compound bend window as seen in numerous new vehicles. Coloring a compound bend is troublesome in any event, for experienced installers, and for the most part includes covering numerous pieces or intensity contracting the film to the window. There may be a superior way!


The spray on color is an interesting other option, whenever utilized accurately. This can be applied to within or the beyond the windows. Applying to within will cause the color to appear noticeably more appealing from an external perspective, yet much consideration should be taken to forestall overspray.


If you goal to introduce the spray color to within, first tape off and cover everything close to the windows. Presently perfect the windows with a decent glass cleaner and a build up free fabric. I recommend utilizing an airbrush weapon to apply the spray. This will permit you to change how much color getting through the spout. On the off chance that you spray with not so much color but rather more air, you will actually want to get an all the more in any event, covering. In the event that you don’t have that extravagance, then utilize the implore jars. Warm the spray jars in warm to boiling water to melt the color, as a matter of fact. Once the can is hot, stir it up very well for 30 seconds or somewhere in the vicinity. Hold the can around 12 crawls from the windows and spray a VERY light even first coat. Permit to dry. Apply a second and third coat if necessary to get the ideal shades, yet think about the state regulations.


On the off chance that you anticipate applying it to the outside, follow a similar methodology as in the past, taking exceptional vehicle not to get any color on the painted surfaces. Clean the glass totally and spray as portrayed previously. These methods can likewise be utilized to “smoke” or color headlights, tail lights, corner focal points, and even chrome wraps up. The outcome is truly striking is time is taken to appropriately shield from overspray and to apply even covers.

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