10 Breathtaking Tourist Places In South India You Must Visit

South India Tourist places are not just famous for their natural beauty; but the beautiful temples, carvings, and architecture also attract a lot of tourists throughout the year. So, for all the India tour enthusiasts, who are willing to explore the hidden gems of South India. You should book your India tour package in advance. Choose the locations which you have always wanted to explore be it the beaches, the french colony, or the breathtaking temples. Also, a lot of adventure awaits you in these places; as you can go for road trips, camping, trekking, bonfire, etc while being in south India.

Also, if you want to find calm and peace while exploring South India tourist places; go for the rejuvenating and world-famous spas and massages in Kerala. Also, do not forget to have scrumptious and delicious south Indian dishes while being in South India. Well, here is a list of 10 breathtaking and famous tourist places which one should definitely visit; while you explore South India.

10 Breathtaking South India Tourist Places

1. Coorg-

Just drench yourself in the unmatchable natural beauty of the little hill station; which is in Karnataka. The lush green tea and coffee plantations will refresh you from your daily work life. There is nothing that you can not do while being in Coorg, be it exploring, adventure, foodie, or tranquility; you find it all while being in Coorg. Feel the thrill of going water rafting. Or just drool over the beautiful scenic views of the mountains and waterfalls. Also, do not forget to have the handmade truffles and the famous curries while you visit the Abbey Falls.

Coorg is the natural phenomena of karnatka and one of the prominent south Indian tourist destination

2. Pondicherry-

Explore the french colonies and feel like being in the mini France of India. So, if your wish to visit France has not to be fulfilled yet; it will be here in Pondicherry. The beautiful colonial architecture of the city is worth a visit. Take the slice of the French toast while being in Pondicherry. And spend time around the cleanest and the beautiful beaches of the city. Whether you just enjoy staying in the hotel; or exploring the city by visiting a church. A visit to the France of India is a must, for your next south Indian trip.

Pondicherry is a colorful french colonial destination situated in Tamil Nadu state

3. Coonoor-

Coonoor is the second largest hill station of South India; after Ooty; and is situated in Tamil Nadu, India. The place is so famous as it takes right to the Nilgiri hills, and the view from there is breathtaking. Also, as there is not a lot of population in Coonoor; you can enjoy the peace and serenity; being in the hill station, which most of the other hill stations do not offer. Also do not forget to check out the Japanese garden; while being in Coonoor. A lot of other attractions such as the nose rock, dolphins nose, etc; are the highlights of the city.

Conoor known for it's tea garden and soothing sightseeing

4. Yercaud-

An offbeat destination, about which very few people know is the Yercaud hill station. The rejuvenating hill station is located in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. This hill station has a famous lake; that is where the name Yercaud drives from which means lake surrounded by hills. You can see great variety of flora and fauna; and especially a lot of oranges. Due to the low cost of the place in terms of tourists; it is also referred to Ooty of the poor people. The lush green forests, with foggy skies, are worth a visit. Also, there are a lot of gardens which surround the hill station. Some of the most popular gardens are; Anna park, rose garden, etc.

Yercaud hill station has variety of biodiversity and best destination to explore in south India Tamil Nadu

5. Kodaikanal-

The hill station is very much famous among the honeymoon travelers of South India and is also known as princess of Hill station. The huge waterfalls between the rocks, the lush green dense forests, and the scenic beauty; create an awestruck experience for the travelers. You can feel the romance in the air; when you visit the beautiful hill station. However, the place is not just for honeymoon travelers. And can also be visited by bachelors, groups, and friends.

6. Mudumalai-

This wildlife sanctuary in South India is quite famous and attracts a lot of tourists. You can find some rare species of flora and fauna here; which are conserved from long. You can find more than 34 species of reptiles and 200 species of birds. The park has some beautiful waterfalls and can give you a view of valleys and rivers. You can also take a safari to experience this wildlife sanctuary. The ideal time to visit this place is throughout the year; apart from the months of May to April.

7. Hampi-

If you have an eye for historical places; then visiting Hampi is just the right decision for you. The place has some extremely captivating ruins over the landscape. The ruins are from 14th century; which still their story till date. You can find different ancient energy being around, 1600 ruins.

Hampi is the historical heritage destination in south India.

8. Alleppey-

This small city is Kerela; which is known for its iconic houseboats; which will make you encounter the black-waters. Just go and take a houseboat in Alleppey, and explore the great fauna and flora of the place. Also, enjoy the rice paddy fields. Don’t forget to try the local toddy from a nearby liquor shop. And also enjoy the scrumptious local seafood the place has to offer to you.

Alleppey is the small kerela city known for it houseboats culture have immence natural sightseeing points

9. Rameshwaram-

A little place of pilgrimage which is full of peace is Rameshwaram. A lot people from all over the world visit the place to take dip in the holy waters and purify their karmas of life. The place is also tied to a mythological tale; as this place is supposed to be the one where Lord Hanuman met Ram and planned to rescue Sita from Ravana. Thus the place is perfect if you want to feel the purity and peace of the environment; away from your home.

Rameshwaram is a major pilgrimage place of south India


10. Mahabalipuram-

This is also commonly known as the beach town; as a lot of thriving tourists from all around the world visit it to get a surfing scene. The place is just a 1-hour drive from the Chennai city of South India. You can enjoy a lot of beautiful temples; huge carvings which depict the tales of Mahabharata, and also temples which are shaped in the form of Chariots. This is also an ideal getaway place for many south Indian people.

Take Away-

South Indian destinations are no less than the rest of India. In fact, they are more fulfilling and beautiful. So next time whenever you plan to visit India; or are taking a tour around India, make sure that you give a visit to some of the famous South Indian destinations.

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