Should I buy a 2-in-1 laptop?

The two-in-one laptop (also called a hybrid laptop or convertible laptop) accomplishes exactly what’s stated on the tin. In other words, you can get two different devices within one piece of equipment. This means that you’re purchasing a laptop that is a notebook computer that could be transformed into tablets.

That’s naturally the primary reason why you should purchase a laptop like this you’re not purchasing the notebook, but also an iPad and a notebook effectively, so you don’t need to shell out to purchase the two devices on their own (at much higher cost I’m sure).

However the convertible notebook comes with disadvantages when compared to a regular laptop. Particularly, the slim and slim designs of 2 in 1 laptops for sale generally cause compromises on performance aspect, as there’s not enough space to accommodate bigger components inside.

Let’s take a look at the various advantages and disadvantages of convertibles in greater detail However, before we do that it’s worthwhile to briefly touch on the two primary varieties of 2-in-1 are available on the market and their merits in relation to each other.

Different types of 2-in-1              

The first is a notebook with an detachable keyboard. This means that you can make it an laptop with the keyboard or remove the keyboard (via an hinge mechanism) to use the display part as tablet. The keyboard may not be able to be removed, rather, it’ll be fitted with an articulating 360-degree hinge. So that if you intend to use it as a tablet, just fold the keyboard to the side so that it’s flat on the display.

The disadvantage of this option is that you’ll end up with a larger “tablet” since the keyboard remains attached to it. In contrast, when you have a detachable, you’re only holding the screen. This is more convenient and practical.

However, with an unattachable device it is more likely that the keyboard will be less sturdy because it’s removable as well as it’s more advantageous in terms of quality to build the laptop to be a complete unit. From an angle for mechanical issues, a hinge that is detachable mechanisms is much more likely experience an issue (but nevertheless, it’s likely to not happen).

Detachables also have to integrate the hardware core within the display area and therefore it is able to work even if it’s not connected to the keyboard base. it could result in more issues on the performance side when trying to squeeze in components.

So, what’s the benefit of 2-in-1s?

We’ve already discussed the major reason behind buying a 2-in-1 is that you save money since you don’t have to purchase two separate tablets and laptops. This is obviously huge benefit for those who are in need of, or believe you’d like an tablet.

If you’re not interested in using a tablet and don’t anticipate that you’ll often use it so a convertible notebook is an unwise choice. In the same amount of money you can purchase a much more powerful regular notebook. This is due to the fact that typically you’ll probably have to pay more for the additional features and flexibility offered by a 2-in-1 device compared to a conventional laptop.

If you believe that you’ll need tablets in limited scenarios, it’s an excellent idea to consider convertible models to give you the possibility. You may not have to pay far more than similar-specified conventional notebook, but you might discover that you have greater flexibility and versatility than anticipated which we’ll explore in the next.

Benefits of 2-in-1


Making an ordinary notebook in to a tablet could provide a number of benefits for a variety of various scenarios. When you’re on your couch, watching the TVand only looking at the screen of your computer It’s wonderful to be able to use the screen as a lightweight and comfortable tablet instead of dealing with the weight of the notebook.

Additionally, if you require something that is more portable while you’re on the go If you own an adapter that you can take the tablet section of the 2-in-1 and it can fit more easily in the bag and make it much more convenient to use for public transportation. However, if you’ll be engaging in an lengthy typing session, obviously you’ll want to bring the keyboard along.

Even convertibles that have an angled hinge that doesn’t feature a keyboard with a removable option tend to be, generally in comparison to an ordinary laptop, because the maker tries create them to be as thin as they can so that they don’t feel weighty when used as tablets. It is certainly possible to find ultra-thin standard laptops as well, however 2-in-1s are able to put a higher the emphasis on this.

Hybrids are about flexibility and a 2-in-1 device is more than changing into a tablet you can also make use of these devices in’stand mode (with the keyboard folded down to create an ideal base to the display) or in ‘tent’ modes (where it is set up like the shape of a tent) This is ideal for presenting or for simply watching a movie.

As with tablets, you could utilize the 2-in-1’s touchscreen using stylus. This will give you plenty of versatility in note-taking. In the case of an educational setting, for instance you could jot notes on your computer.

Advantages of the 2-in-1

There are a variety of reasons you could enjoy the flexibility of a two-in-one. What are the main reasons not to make the leap in a convertible?

We’ve mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for pure power and performance then a notebook computer is probably a better option. The majority of 2-in-1s will not have high-end processors and typically rely on embedded graphics with designers focused on making these devices slim and lightweight with portability as the primary focus.


If you require a portable device for running more demanding software or are a gamer who loves shooting the most recent game in transit you’ll require a larger laptop to meet your requirements that have room to accommodate larger components, as well as the cooling options to ensure that they do not overheat.

There are other options to consider, for instance, special gaming laptops that offer features such as mechanical keyboards with backlights such as. These kinds of features require a larger body and chassis to make them happen.

Also, keep in mind that certain 2-in-1s, especially the elegantly-designed models that boast premium design, may have quite a hefty price.

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In the end the situation it’s about balancing the flexibility of your device with performance. If you’re content with the focus on the latter and believe that the convenience of having a tablet is something you’ll find useful in a few scenarios, perhaps many and a 2-in-1 is most likely be ideal for you as long as your basic computer power requirements are low.

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