NetBase Quid Is the World's Leading Consumer and Market Intelligence Platform

Marketing intelligence is a group of specialized services that offer highly relevant, accurate, and actionable content to your target audience. This content must be available on all channels, all formats, and all devices. It helps you achieve better and faster growth, engagement, and sales. The process analyzes behavior by collecting data from multiple sources such as online or offline, calls, chat and emails to define patterns and predict behaviors in the future.


Local Market examines past, current and future market conditions by analyzing traditional and electronic media to determine future market trends. The power of prediction data from massive amounts of unique customer data and massive stream of current events allows a company like NetBase Quid to synthesize vast amounts of data into an actionable business insight.

Understand Key Drivers

The information generated from research and interviews in consumer, industry, and brand markets helps clients understand the perception, knowledge, values, and sentiment of a marketplace. It helps understand key drivers for innovation, position, pricing, marketing, and business development. Market intelligence is the foundation for customer and market insights. When it comes to acquiring competitive advantage, the process allows the assessment of a marketplace, the identification of strategies, competitive threats and opportunities.


Distinguishing between what and who is the lifeblood of most businesses today, you need every decision to be informed by fact-based, data-driven information. You must embrace the collecting and organizing information to make sense of a chaotic consumer marketplace. It enables decision makers to be aware of customer trends, opportunities, and needs and leverage these insights to build brand strength, grow revenue and shape marketing and advertising campaigns.

Why does NetBase Quid matter?

NetBase Quid is a unique single platform solution which includes NetBase, the leading market platform, NetBase Quid, the mobile app that connects brands to consumers, NetBase Market Forecast and insight, and NetBase Analytics and Business Intelligence. It was built for the big data era to provide deep insights at the network level to not only find customer insights but to interpret those insights and link them back to customers at the point of sale. NetBase Quid also provides actionable competitive intelligence and maps, benchmarks, and compares companies, in an effort to help decision-makers make the right business decisions.


NetBase is an award-winning B2B marketing intelligence company that has been providing unmatched analytics for several years. It enables Market Intelligence professionals to create visual inferences, understand patterns, and provide recommendations. It combines natural language search, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver a more powerful and engaging research experience. NetBase Quid provides marketers a 360 degree view of their customers, including first- and third-party data, which are then visualized and accessible across internal and external environments. Marketers have the ability to see and analyze the connection between marketing efforts and customers, determine their best sales opportunity based on data, and then execute those efforts accordingly.

Understanding the Customer

The heart of every successful business is the people, products, services, process, and strategy that shape the customer’s experience. And to fully understand the customer, you need deep insights into their preferences, needs and behaviors. While your competitors likely have access to these insights, you can’t. The best insight you can hope for is aggregated and siloed data, leaving you isolated from the most important trends. And at the intersection of the customer experience, marketing, and sales, this isolation means missed opportunities and costly mistakes. Market Intelligence unlocks this knowledge gap and uncovers deep, rich insights, connecting the dots in an empowering, transparent, and actionable way.


The mission of the current iteration of Market Intelligence is to extend and enhance an organization’s operational knowledge to identify emerging trends in the marketplace and business units; and to activate the business and increase profitability and market share. The ability to understand trends, changes in consumer demand, and a myriad of different industries is what makes the process crucial to the success of companies today. However, a challenge faced by enterprises in today’s global marketplace is that they don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to identify all the opportunities and take advantage of them. NetBase Quid addresses this issue by combining enterprise-class reporting features and social media and search analytics.

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