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Social media monitoring tools have become increasingly important for businesses determined to become competitive or to surpass their competitors. However, not all tools have the same features, costs and ease of use, and it’s important to find a resource that provides the features you need, reasonable prices and user-friendly tools for various initiatives.

Finding the Features Your Business Needs

The features that most businesses look for in social media monitoring tools enable them to monitor social media posts for relevant keywords. Finding the right tool may prove difficult for companies inexperienced with social monitoring.

Be aware that any major changes in your monitoring practices will create social ripples, both good and bad, and be prepared to address these issues immediately to capitalize on the opportunities and ameliorate any negative results.

The most important features of monitoring tools include the following:

  • Social ListeningYou can focus your listening based on geographical regions, socioeconomic criteria, cultural differences and industry-specific terms for more precise results.
  • Ability to track Media Posts by URL, Hashtags and Industry-specific TermsYou can track the source of a website visitor using Google Analytics, but it’s impossible to monitor URL addresses mentioned in social updates with Google. Social listening tools allow you to monitor these URLs, popular hashtags and specific terms often mentioned in key industry posts.
  • NLP and LSA CapabilitiesNatural language processing capabilities help you sort through reams of social data with greater accuracy since the capability takes advantage of machine learning to understand what people really mean. Latent Semantics Analysis advances your interpretation of posts even further by spotting the relationships between relevant and irrelevant content based on your search parameters.
  • Ability to Monitor Other Sources Besides Social MediaIt’s critical to monitor the social media that your buyers use, but wouldn’t it be nice to follow these important customers to other sites where they share opinions about your brand, industry and their preferred products? The ability to monitor other sources enables you to monitor blogs, news sites, review sites and industry forums.
  • Support for Multiple LanguagesIf your social listening tools don’t have the ability to monitor social media in multiple languages, you miss an incredible amount of relevant data. Companies active in selling to Eurasian and African countries that don’t use the Latin-based alphabet desperately need multiple language monitoring abilities.
  • Ability to Monitor Many Channels SimultaneouslyBusiness operations often need to monitor social media for separate social media accounts or listening initiatives. Your company might need to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for entirely different keywords and different targeted prospects.
  • Ability to Monitor Administrative Social DataYou certainly want to trigger an alert when the rules change and social media updates are introduced. Real-time notifications are critical for staying current with the rules and trends and responding quickly to any PR concerns.

NetbaseQuid Offers an Advanced Suite of Business Listening Services

NetbaseQuid offers businesses an advanced artificial intelligence system capable of monitoring millions of communications anywhere on the web. Social analytics has evolved, and NetbaseQuid offers a platform loaded with features for social listening, monitoring your competitors and understanding your audience. You can craft your marketing promotions based on real-world insights into customer attitudes, preferences and buying triggers. 

The platform not only monitors social media posts for consumer preferences but also divides the results based on Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity. Emotions are analyzed as to whether they’re positive or negative, and each finding is ranked for -100 to +100.

Passion Intensity is similarly ranked to help you find the most actionable insights available. Contact NetbaseQuid for further information on social media monitoring tools.

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