Mobile Device Management for Telecom Companies

Historically, telecommunication companies have spared no effort to work on subscriber devices remotely. Moreover, making the customers wait for a long time in getting their queries resolved leaves a negative impact on their experience. Therefore, telecom operators have to use mobile device management (MDM) because it empowers them to effectively, and efficiently manage each stage of their customer lifecycle. MDM also helps them automate the process of updating devices, push out upgrades, and offer real-time analytics to help make informed business decisions.

Features of MDM for telecom operators

  1. Automatic Device Detection (ADD)

The automatic device detection feature of the mobile device management solution allows the telecom operators to automatically identify the new devices that are secured onto the network. It not only identifies the devices but also their characteristics as they connect to mobile networks and perform device detection based on various information (MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI). ADD also assists in retrieving real-time device information such as the connection type, location, roaming, and others. The information is very helpful for marketing personnel as they rely on it to promote new services.

  1. Automatic Device Configuration (ADC)

After detecting a new device on the network, automatic device configuration (ADC) automatically pushes the correct APN and configuration settings utilizing the most optimal device setup method. Automatic device configuration also helps the operators provide a hassle-free onboarding experience to customers. Thus, avoiding potentially incorrect user handling and minimizing support calls and costs.

  1. Real-Time Device Analytics

With automatic device detection, operators can obtain real-time device information of all the new handsets that are secured onto the network by subscribers. Real-time device analytics helps operators gain accurate information about devices, and obtain deep insights into subscriber device behaviour. With the help of the information, telecom operators can target the right subscribers with real-time personalized offers via marketing campaigns. It also lets the operators sharpen their marketing and promotion plans and make informed business decisions.

How does MDM help telecom operators?

  1. It reduces operational expenses

Through device management solutions, telecom companies can automatically identify and configure new devices, saving operational costs with the help of proper configuration tools. It empowers them with proper tools to help users check the health of their devices and troubleshoot issues. Thus, improving device efficiency, and minimizing operational expenses. The SIM OTA platform also enables communication with subscriber SIM cards allowing remote application as well as SIM card content downloading and management, thereby minimizing operational costs.

  1. It enhances customer experience

Device management solution helps to auto-configure new devices that are secured onto the network by subscribers, thus providing a seamless onboarding experience to customers and allowing immediate service consumption. It also helps in proactively detecting any issues on the network, maximizing efficiency, and empowering telecom companies with the important tools to address customer problems thereby increasing user experience. Eliminating technical intricacies offers quick solutions to some of the most common support calls which helps reduce the operational expenditure and increase the customer experience.

  1. It increases revenue

Using the device management solution, operators can automatically identify and configure the new devices that are connected to the network. This helps customers to get easy access to telecom services and leads to a better revenue-generating opportunity for the operators. Moreover, real-time device analytics lets operators push through the correct plans and target subscribers with relevant offers which helps in increasing the ARPU (average revenue per user) and the overall revenue growth of their business.


One of the most consistent problems that telecom companies face is the quick implementation of new services without the disruption of back-end systems. Therefore, a versatile and easy-to-use MDM for telecom operators helps to provide proactive service to customers and offers real-time information and increases user satisfaction, reduces customer churn as well as operational expenses. MDM also empowers operators to work with different devices as well as services to enhance user experience and drive business growth.

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