Managing back pain through material handling equipment

According to the labour force survey, around 176,000 workers suffered back injuries while at work in 2019-20. It is responsible for 37% of work-related injuries and many sick days. So, if you want to avoid back pain statistics, you need to find a statistic that can make your job easier and safer. If you are a delivery driver or warehouse worker, a folding sack truck may be just what you need. Here’s how the platform trolleys Melbourne will save you from back pain. In his guide to back pain, the Health and Safety Executive outlines the main causes of back pain at work;

  • to lift heavy or heavy loads,
  • awkwardly carrying a load, especially if you carry it with one hand,
  • pushing, pulling or pulling heavy loads,
  • manual handling in awkward places, such as during delivery work,
  • repetitive tasks, such as packing products,
  • bow down, bow or bow down,
  • pull, turn and reach,

Platform trolleys: Making Heavy Work Light

One of the main ways that a folding sack truck saves you from back pain is by making it easier to move heavy loads. They also have certain features that make manual handling at work much safer;

  • They are lightweight yet have a generous load capacity. It makes them a breeze,
  • Some folding sack trucks have pneumatic wheels which means they will slide smoothly over all surfaces. no need for stretching or awkward movements that will make the back worse,
  • They have ergonomic handles for comfort and ease of use,
  • Many models have a toe plate to keep the luggage steady while you are on the move,
  • The fact that the platform trolley folds up mean it is suitable for delivery drivers who need compact manual handling assistance.

There is a need to be organized in a busy workplace. When employees have found the items, they need to get the job done and can move, pick up and deliver the goods, everything runs smoothly. But an organized workplace doesn’t happen by accident. You need better systems and the right tools instead. When it comes to equipment, if you want an organized and efficient workplace, you need a shelf and a tray trolley.

Whatever your work environment, there is a shelf or tray trolley that meets your needs. They are excellent for helping you stay organized in many situations. Here are some examples of when they can be the stars of the show.

One of the most versatile shelf and tray trolleys, the basket trolley makes delivering mail and other items a breeze. Letters, parcels and important files are easy to deliver, especially if your office building has multiple floors or sections. Everyone gets what he wants and above all you don’t have to lift any heavy stuff.

If you’re a busy maintenance worker, you don’t want to waste your valuable time searching for the tools you need for the job. These trolleys have drawers and cabinets to keep your equipment clean and prevent theft of more expensive items. As shelf and tray trolleys go, this is a multi-tasking one. Most models also double as portable workstations.

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