Make the Most of Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Make the Most of Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Every year in the month of May the American insurance industry observes disability insurance awareness month. This is when providers make special efforts to spread awareness about the need to cover the uncertain times when the income stream stops. With a disability insurance policy, you can ensure that even when you are not able to work and earn during the period of your disability, your earnings don’t stop. You may not earn the equivalent of your salary but you will have enough, roughly 60-80% of your net income every month. That will help you pay off your bills but won’t be enough for you to splurge on lifestyle extravaganzas. 

Appreciate the possibility of a disability

Assuming that you could never face disability is not a smart idea because it is like assuming that there will be rain but no lightning. Mishaps, accidents, or illnesses can affect anyone including you and when that happens, you cannot afford to be caught unprepared. It is not wise to ignore all disability concerns by dismissing them as a waste of time as some folks tend to do. 

You need not be obsessed with disability stories of people who have lost everything they had in their efforts to battle the misfortune of disability. If such conditions either restrict or prevent their physical movement and have affected their ability to work and earn a livelihood, it is something worth noting and learning from.  

Disability news stories show the way

Learning from other people’s misfortunes doesn’t mean you don’t empathize with their situation and are just interested in your own benefit. There are many people enjoying the best time of their lives, who refuse to accept that bad times can ever come to haunt them. 

Accepting that the risk of bad times resulting in restriction or prevention of income-generating work can affect anybody is not like you wish for such misfortune to come calling. All you need to do is to prepare for it by setting aside a small part of your income for investment in disability insurance. 

Speak to disability insurance advisors 

Once you have understood the reasons why people including marketing agency in Florida invest in disability insurance, it is time to speak to a broker advisor who will help you with information about the different policies. You could search for them online or ask your relatives and friends to recommend one. 

Getting help to find a disability insurance broker agent advisor is part of your efforts but you must also use your own judgment to select the right advisor. Before you speak to such an advisor, prepare a list of questions that you want to ask him/her about the policy that you will invest in and how it will help you. 

There are a whole lot of details that you need to know about the different policies that are designed to suit different requirements including people doing SEO in Manhasset, NY. First, there are short term and long term policies to choose from; then there are the different levels of compensation as per the policy purchased. Trust your advisor’s suggestion but use your own judgment too especially about the tenure of benefits and the amount of compensation. 


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