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Master of Business Commerce is a 2-year post-graduate program that imparts knowledge and skills to gain a career in the commerce and service sector. M.com distance learning is a program that is pursued after a 3-year undergraduate degree in B.com. This course is specifically for people who want to work in industries such as -finance, insurance, banking, accounting, investment banking, and many more. M.com is a reputed degree that can help students attain the skills and knowledge needed to further their career or start one from the scratch. Many candidates opt for this course as a distance course because many of them are in jobs and want to further their career with knowledge and the title that comes with the M.com postgraduate degree.

M.com distance learning is when a student completes his higher studies without even visiting the campus even once. Distance education has revolutionized the 100’s of years old method of teaching and studying. With the revolution in technology, now students can enroll in universities situated in other countries and study while sitting in their homes. LPU M.com distance learning courses are developed after keeping the interests of the students as a priority by staff with years of experience in their respective fields with the motive of providing the same quality of qualification and skill-set as any normal post-graduation course.


M.com is a 2-year course divided into 4 semesters where each semester is of 6 months each.

  • Candidate must have a minimum of 55% aggregate marks in B.com
  • The candidate must have a completed undergraduate degree from a university recognized by the UGC, preferably in B.com.
  • The candidate must have scored the minimum marks set by the university in the entrance exam, although many distance education universities don’t require one.

Specializations and Syllabus

The M. Com course offers numerous specializations that include streams, such as Finance, accounting, and Finance, marketing, computer application, financial management, business management, etc. The specialization you choose will define your future in the industry you want to work in, for example – if someone wants to work in business management, they will opt for business management as the specialization for their M.com.

The syllabus is the same for all the students except the specialization they major in. There are many subjects in M.com each and every one of them is important and provides information and skills to survive in today’s cut-throat competition.

Scope of career

M.com has a huge scope for jobs and careers after its completion, many multinational companies and organizations are always looking for skilled personnel with practical knowledge every year, and there and M.com distance learning is a fantastic way to start your career or further if you already have a job. Finance Executive, Financial analyst, Assistant Manager, Accounts Executive, Cashier/Teller, Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Bank Manager, Risk Analyst are some of the jobs which one can go for after their M.com according to their specialization, Also Read:- migration agent adelaide.

 M.com distance learning is cheap, it saves time and provides flexibility. To enjoy these advantages, enroll yourself now.

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