Looking for a New Church Fellowship? 5 Tips to Help You Choose

When you’re searching for a new church, where do you begin? From church size to spiritual doctrine, there are many factors to weigh. Ultimately, though, you want to find a church that aligns with your priorities and offers fellowship opportunities.

Read on to learn 5 tips that can help you choose the right church fellowship!

  1. Know Your Priorities First

What are you looking for in a church? Before you officially join one, make a list of your preferences. Some churches may prioritize evangelism, for instance, while others may center on musical worship.

You may want a fellowship church that offers volunteer opportunities or lots of programming for children. Or you may prefer a church that uses a liturgical form of worship. Be clear on your non-negotiables!

  1. Be Open to Different Denominations 

At the same time, it’s wise to be open-minded when you’re finding a new church home. Even if you grew up Presbyterian, you might want to consider a fellowship Baptist church or fellowship bible church.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the pastor for more information on the church’s beliefs. You may even be able to attend classes for new members without signing on to join.

  1. Look for a Welcoming Church Fellowship

When it’s time to pass the peace during the service, do you feel welcome? You can go with your gut instinct on this one. A church that welcomes you with smiles and greetings is one with potential.

Spend time at the social hour following the service. If you’re invited to a potluck, make a point of going! Take advantage of any opportunity to meet more congregants to learn what they value about the church.

Looking for a New Church Fellowship? 5 Tips to Help You Choose
Looking for a New Church Fellowship? 5 Tips to Help You Choose
  1. Find a Good Preacher 

A church’s main pastor or pastor team should be a big reason¬†that you want to join. The pastor leads the worship and shapes the theological angle of the church. You want to see someone in the pulpit who provides comforting and challenging messages.

Someone with good speaking skills can go a long way, too. If you’re falling asleep during a 15-minute sermon, that might be a warning sign. Revisit a church you’re considering to compare sermons from one week to the next.

  1. Determine How Involved You Want to Be

If you’re raising toddlers and juggling long hours at the office, you may not be ready for a lot of commitment. Find a church fellowship that doesn’t pressure you to commit too much. Churches should be respectful of your time and limits.

You can gauge expectations by sticking around for coffee hour or looking at the church’s programming. A small congregation that boasts a lot of programming might be relying heavily on congregants to participate.

Find the Right Christian Fellowship Church

Finding the right church fellowship is critical to developing your spiritual life. You can make reliable friends for life. And you can find a deeper purpose that guides you through your career and family life.

For more suggestions to grow your spiritual practices, check back for new articles!

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