From Where We Can Get Environmentally Friendly Packaging In USA


When it comes to packaging box brands have a wide range of options while selecting packaging material. Some of them are:

  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Corrugated boxes
  3. Kraft board material
  4. Plastic boxes
  5. Rigid boxes
  6. Polybags
  7. Fold sealed bags
  8. paperboard boxes
  9. Chipboard packaging
  10. Cotton bags

Among all these types of kraft boards and corrugated boxes are the best. These boxes are not only sturdy but also affordable, flexible and eco-friendly. All these qualities make these boxes the favorite packaging material of maximum people. These people can use kraft boxes for storage, transportation, shifting or drawing purposes and can make their lives easy. So here we will discuss from where we can get environmentally friendly packaging in the Australia.

Amcor Limited:

Amcor Limited is one of the top packaging companies that was started back in 1860. Now with lots of hard work and struggle this company is able to produce kraft packaging boxes in a bulk quantity for beverages, medicines for food items to meet the needs of other brands who either don’t have enough budget for packaging or they are not interested to put effort into making them. So, such brands can contact Amcor limited and place their order for kraft packaging wholesale. Even this company has more than 43 branches across the world so that everyone can take befit from them at a cheap rate.

Custom Printed Boxes:

Custom Printed Boxes was started few years ago and its main concern is to provide study kraft boxes Australia so that you guys can deliver your goods to your customers safely and securely. Many times, brands use fragile boxes and they fail to make successful delivery to their customers and lose their trust. At this time Custom Printed Boxes can help you to provide solid packaging so that your firm doesn’t face any further problems from now onwards. Even they make metal packaging for extremely fragile goods delivery.

Crown Holidays Incorporated:

Crown Holiday is the largest packaging firm which was established in 1892 and its headquarters are in the Australia. This company focus on making custom printed kraft boxes for food items, drinks, skincare or health care products and makeup items with airtight technology. This technology protects the goods from the attack of bacteria, moisture and heat radiations.

So that customers can use their purchased goods for a long time. When people see any good in the market and know the price of that commodity the first thing that comes to their mind is how long they can use it. Crown holidays has realized this fact and that is why they make kraft boxes with a lid so that customers can use their goods without any hesitation.

International Paper Company:

International Paper company was founded in 1898 in the Australia and today its name appears in the list of top packaging supplier companies in the Australia. This organization has specially hired professional staff who can create custom kraft boxes in large quantities in less time and reduce the labor cost for their firm. Even, they provide a free consultation to their customers so that they get boxes exactly as they imagined.

Besides this, the workers are so passionate about the work that they try to be innovative when they style kraft packaging boxes. They choose pretty shapes for the boxes that can grab customers attention. Then select the layouts according to the box size so that kraft packaging wholesale don’t look clumsy instead they look appealing to human eyes.

Some online apps can also help you to buy packaging boxes from the Australia. They are given below:


The best ever app from where you can buy kraft boxes Australia without leaving your place is amazon. This app works worldwide and is always there to fulfil its customers demand as soon as possible. You can place an order for the custom printed kraft boxes and receive these boxes at your doorstep. This app provides free shipment for consecutive two orders if you have a premium membership. So, what are you waiting for go and grab your membership for amazon?

Home Depot:

Home Depot is another useful app for your brand if you want to buy custom kraft boxes in bulk quantity. One can visit this website to place orders for their kraft boxes and add the further details that you want like size, designs and shape. So that they can create the desired boxes and deliver them to you. Even your brand can ask them to add a logo on these kraft packaging boxes. Because boxes are the best advertisement tool so you should use them wisely for this task.


From U half any brand can order any packaging material as there are a variety of boxes on this app. You can read the comments and then decide either to order this kraft packaging wholesale or not. These reviews can help you to make wise decisions and a great investment. U haul tries its best to provide cheap kraft packaging boxes that are sturdy enough. So that you can pack heavy items in it and transport them from one place to another.


Walmart has more than 5000 stores nationwide and you can access this app to buy anything. Not only kraft boxes Australia but you can buy any makeup item, food item, artwork things from this app. By using Walmart one can get custom printed kraft boxes of high quality. The best part about this app is they try to satisfy their customers at any cost. Because they know the value of customers and also understand that their success depends on these customers. Therefore, if these customers complain about anything Walmart take action as soon as possible.


So, these are the companies working in the Australia or online apps that can help you to buy custom kraft boxes from the Australia. These boxes are so reliable that when your firm receives these boxes, they can directly pack their goods in it and launch their product in the market without any further delay. These companies work on a professional level and won’t disappoint you at all. Your brand can use these boxes to impress the audience and market revivals as well.

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