Is Buying Medicine Online Safe?

The modern world has produced the most effective medicines the world has ever seen. Doctors can now cure illnesses with a pill that once destroyed entire communities.

However, prescription medicine also has some inconveniences. It’s often expensive, for one thing. Moreover, it also requires you to find a pharmacy.

Many people find it too inconvenient to drive to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription. The drive becomes particularly annoying to those who live far away from the pharmacy.

Because of this, many people wonder if buying medicine online is safe. After all, we buy so much else online, so why not medicine?

Although it’s possible to purchase medicine online, it comes with many risks. We’ll navigate those risks in the guide below.

Common Signs of Fake Online Pharmacies

Online scammers often know what they’re doing. They can develop a pharmacy website that seems trustworthy and legit. You can’t assume based on looks that a website belongs to a reliable pharmacy.

How can you tell a fake pharmacy from a real one? Spend time looking for the following tip-offs:

  • Doesn’t require a prescription
  • Offers miracle cure drugs for dangerous conditions
  • Offers drugs at drastically lowered prices
  • Ships medicine worldwide
  • Has no physical address
  • Located outside the US

You may wonder about the legitimacy of pharmacies outside the country. After all, don’t other countries produce valid medicines?

Although you may find legitimate sources outside the country, it’s best to look for domestic pharmacies. These are more verifiable options and have fewer legal snares. 

How to Verify a Pharmacy Before Buying Medicine

When you encounter an online pharmacy that seems legitimate, there are a few things you can do to verify it. First, ensure that they require a valid prescription from a healthcare professional. This single step can go a long way.

After that, check whether the pharmacy has a license from your state board of pharmacy. Alternatively, see if they have a license from an equivalent agency. You can determine the pharmacy’s licensing status by checking your state board of pharmacy website. 

Another sign of legitimacy is if the pharmacy has a US licensed pharmacist on staff who can answer your questions. If you can speak with a pharmacist, the pharmacy is reliable.

How to Buy Medicine from a Legit Drugstore

If you find an online drugstore you can trust, excellent! All that’s left is to find the prescription medicine you need. Usually, you’ll supply your relevant card information as with any other online purchase.

The pharmacy may have different ways of showing your prescription. Some may allow you to use your doctor’s patient portal to fill a prescription, and then you pick up the medicine in person. Others may have a way to show proof of prescription through the website.

Find the Best Pharmacy for Your Health Needs

When buying medicine, your safety is most important. If you can find an online drugstore that provides medication you trust, feel free to purchase medicine from them! If you don’t feel safe with one, though, continue to use the best pharmacy in your town.

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