Is Bollywood dance good for kids? Here’s why!

Kids are always into moving steps with music beats. This trait shows how keen they are to dance. Bollywood dance of India is not only popular in India but also attracts foreigners. When Bollywood dancing has become a part of kids indoor activities, Yellow Class has launched their online learning program for kids below 12 years of age.

Bollywood dancing is a fusion of various dance styles of India as well as some western dance forms. Previously, classical dance forms and folk dances were used in Bollywood dancing. But as time changed, more cross-cultural dance forms with vigorous body movements have become a part of it. This can be one of the great hobbies for kids

Here’s why Bollywood dance is good for your kid – 

  • It involves the overall movement of their body, which includes posture and facial expressions as well.
  • Increases the concentration and flexibility of the body. Dancing needs focus, control on the emotional and physical state, and regular practice.
  • A child finds Bollywood dancing interesting, as it has a unique ability to tell a story with different attractive body movements.
  • With intense workouts, anxiety reduces among children. Also, they focus on emotional and mental well-being.
  • Bollywood dancing helps in muscle toning and is important for your child’s physical fitness.
  • They increase energy levels and stamina.
  • Bollywood dances help in reducing body weight and developing a positive self-image for your child. 
  • It also helps in building trust, making new friends, understanding the value of teamwork, developing self-esteem, and improving communication skills.
  • This allows your child to develop their hidden creativity skills. Your child can move out of their shells, open their imaginations to the world, and explore creative ideas and inspirations.
  • Your child gets to learn about perseverance and hard work. This makes them believe that hard work is the pillar to achieve higher goals.

Bollywood dancing is colorful and blends uniquely with the music, story, and costume. Costumes in such dancing styles are very important. They generally have a vibrant colour and look bright. These days, Zumba classes and various other physical kids activity classes have opted for Bollywood music, to increase the tenacity of kids towards physical activities. Also, several programs have been arranged for kids to participate in. Bollywood dancing styles have always attracted audiences, thus making your child stand out of the crowd and increase their confidence in themselves.

Bollywood dances have especially been accepted on various colorful occasions like weddings, parties, and other fun events. Therefore, your child can confidently step into these programs and steal the light. In different Bollywood classes, the choreographers help your child to provide quality and fun classes that will certainly attract kids of age below 12 years. Also, they can take part in various workshops arranged for kids. But remember don’t force your child to be the best dancer, instead, let them find fun in dancing and focus on their passion.

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