International Mathematics Olympiad organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) with the aim of building a strong base and nurturing students’ interest in Mathematics has come to be widely acclaimed. Students from classes 1-12 are eligible to take the worldwide examination and prepare them as future scientists and IITians. Maths is such a core subject of the science group that having a stronghold on it makes it much easier for students to perform well in the boards’ examination as well. IMO makes sure to uplift students’ motivation and help them reach the zenith of success.

All students from grade 7 willing to showcase their talent in the mathematics field are welcome to compete with worldwide students. The syllabus prescribed for such international exams is similar to the curriculum set by the school. Students should be thorough with the wide range of topics covered in school to help themselves have a better understanding in the preparation of the exam. No topics are the same and one should learn to carry the weight of all the different chapters in unique ways. Only when one is absolutely thorough with the basics of one chapter, he should move on to the next, to avoid confusion. Grade 7 is a crucial time, making students ready to sit for their board exams and if a candidate really wants a good score in the Maths Olympiad exam, he/she needs to begin right from the initial stage. Getting hold of various samples question papers and   IMO Sample Paper 2 with Answers For Class 7 helps students to evaluate their learning process. They should get hold of all IMO previous year questions and dedicate equal hours to get those equations solved.


Though the prescribed syllabus is the school curriculum, the IMO question pattern varies from the school-level examinations. Students should make themselves aware of the marking system and the overall pattern of the question paper so that a rough sketch can be prepared for the assessment of the preparation. Such examinations are an added advantage for students as it also makes them doubly prepared for boards exam and they gain beyond expected scores after cracking much harder levels. Following a set pattern and a systematic routine is highly suggested to make performance better. As students register themselves for various online lectures and weekly mock tests available online, they start getting conscious of their faulty areas and rework them. A planned approach towards solving various sample papers and worksheets goes a long way. Without even realizing it, students get so well prepared that they can analyze the format of the solution only by looking at the question once. And that’s exactly what the case should be. Rigorous practise enables students to draft a sketch in their minds about the correct technique and formula needed to solve a particular problem. Answers can be reached in various ways, however, the right and easier approach is a key to success. 

The best part of the examination is that there are no specific criteria to be fulfilled before taking the test. Each and every student right from classes 1-12 are eligible to sit for their exam, if interested in the field of mathematics and wants to deliver a good performance at the same time. Questions pattern ranges from simple to advanced and once they start preparing in a systematic approach even such advanced level becomes easily solvable. The study should be completely aware of how to arrive at a solution without excessive brainstorming at the examination hall. The numerous examples worked out at any IMO sample papers should be revised and given a first hand to grow at a later stage. Once done with the basic level, getting hold of different advanced level books can lead to a better evaluation of one’s preparation. Having a wide knowledge of linear equations, integers, quantities, and more is a must for the preparation. There’s nothing called a more important chapter. All the topics stand equally important and students are advised to have all the formulas in their grip. So that, no matter how twisted the question is framed, one can easily arrive at the correct answer with proper usage of formula and technique.

As an integral part of their life and a life-altering examination, it is significant to stick to the same level of determination and enthusiasm right from the beginning to the end. If one wishes to really crack the worldwide exam, no sluggishness or dizziness can be entertained. Silly and careless mistakes can be avoided only when one has a keen focus and sharp revising power. All students internationally preparing to take the exam will have the same vigour and enthusiasm. It is these minute preparation strategies that can help one stand out among the many others. Time management skills and analytical are the added advantages for those willing to outperform their contemporaries. It is also seen that those who have a team spirit and work in groups in order to have a smooth doubt-clearing session have performed much better in these exams compared to those who take up the burden all by themselves. Therefore team management skill is also one part of the examination that goes a long way. The motives of such exams are solely based on developing the interests of the students in their already attracted fields and pushing a little harder for them to go a mile ahead and achieve the best for themselves. Parents’ support and guidance do play a great role in a student’s outcome. 

A thorough understanding is what a student needs to perform well in any examinations and such well-planned and structured opportunities for students of various ages can be one of the best things to grab at such a tender age. A lot of determination and focus on the subject right now can lead to an excellent future then. Grade 7 is just the beginning of a students’ career and embracing the solid hard work at this very moment will call for beyond words achievement. Therefore, be consistent and have all that you truly deserve!

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