How to use NCERT textbook for Class 4 math Exam?  

Math is an important chapter in Class 4. This might be the only subject that requires students to take more effort and practice to understand it. Math is a subject that can be used in day-to-day life. Students experience every day that math is important through daily incidents like planning to go to someplace, shopping, buying vegetables and groceries, etc. Students need to know and learn the fundamentals of mathematics. Math develops critical thinking in students. Hence it is important to study math not only for the exam but for the sake of its huge importance for every human being.  

Class 4 math is focused on explaining to students basic concepts in math. NCERT Books Class 4 Maths is the main textbook for Class 4. In this article, we will discuss Class 4 math preparation.  

NCERT textbook for Class 4 Maths  

The CBSE board every year designs the syllabus for students in a way that students must not feel any burden while learning for the exam and they can develop other important skills. To teach the syllabus which aims to encourage students in learning math, proper well-structured books are needed. NCERT designs these textbooks according to CBSE’s syllabus. All information in NCERT is well researched by highly qualified teachers and presented in the most elucidatedare way possible. These textbooks cover every concept in-depth and explain them in simple language. These textbooks are easy to follow and are helpful to students in self-study.  

How to use NCERT textbook for Class 4 math Exam?
How to use NCERT textbook for Class 4 math Exam?

Class 4 NCERT math textbook has unique concepts and ways to explain those topics. Every chapter starts with a story and it explains mathematical concepts in between them. Stories are inspired by real-life events. The reason behind the stories is to connect math to real-life applications to students. Every concept is explained with stories aided with solved examples. Sometimes there are problems given in chapters with hints or clues to encourage students to solve these questions. Solving questions while learning the concepts will boost the confidence in students and they will be engaged in learning chapters.   

This structure makes the NCERT textbook mandatory for Class 4. Students must read the textbook first. Understanding all the topics from the textbook should be the priority of the students.  

Chapters from NCERT textbook  

Class 4 Maths NCERT textbook has 14 chapters. The first chapter is Building with Bricks. In this chapter, students will find many illustrations explaining craftsmanship and complex patterns made with the help of bricks. In the second chapter Long and short, students will learn to tell the difference based on mathematical concepts, measurement. This chapter is the base for other chapters that will come in advance. The third chapter is Trip to Bhopal. This chapter is an anecdote to teach students the importance of numbers. The fourth chapter will be Tick-Tick-Tick is based on time. This chapter aims to teach students the importance of time as a mathematical concept in human life. Chapter fifth is the way the world looks. In this chapter, students will understand the concept of perspective. In the sixth chapter the junk seller deals with how shops work and introduces the concept of the loan. The seventh chapter from the textbook Jugs and mugs explains measuring volume. It has a few exercise questions to practice. In the eighth chapter Carts and wheels, students are introduced to shape circles. In this chapter, different parts of a circle such as a radius, diameter, chord, etc. Chapter nine is Halves and Quarters. This chapter aims to teach students about the concept of fractions in math. The tenth chapter is Play with patterns and it encourages students to think analytically. It also explains patterns through the example of sudoku and other encryption and decryption methods. The eleventh chapter Tables and shares teach students about the division method in math. How heavy? How light? Is the twelfth chapter in the textbook similar to the chapter-long and short. It teaches students to compare two things based on their amount of mass. Chapter thirteen Fields and fences teach students about the concept of area. It teaches students about units of measurement. The fourteenth chapter is Smart graphs. This chapter shows the application of graphs in real life.  

Every chapter from NCERT textbook Class 4 math has its story. Through the philosophy and mathematical aspects, the textbook tries to teach students basic mathematical concepts. Students must learn all these concepts in and out to score the highest marks in the exam.  

Using NCERT solutions and Sample papers  

Preparing only from the textbook can make students able to learn the subject and can cost students marks in the exam. Students must use the NCERT solution and sample papers for study. NCERT solutions and solving sample papers is the best value addition in the study. NCERT solutions are just the collection of answers to every question from the textbook. They provide every key point in solutions. These solutions are easy to understand and can be a guiding light for students on how to write in exams. Use NCERT solutions while solving questions from the textbook and apply the learnings in the answer writing of questions.   

The same goes for solving papers. Solving sample papers will show you the mirror of what you have learned so far, where do you stand with your amount of preparation. When students self-analyze their results of solved sample papers, then they realize which chapters they have not prepared properly. By recognizing the weak spots and correcting them right away will increase marks in the exam drastically. Solving sample papers will give an idea about which type of question comes into the exam. With solving 3-4 sample papers students will develop a sense of how to solve a paper in a given time. 


Class 4 students are expected to learn basic concepts of math and apply the knowledge gained in real life. Students must not feel any burden while learning math. Students should stick to their preparation plan and follow it sincerely. By using all the available resources wisely students can easily score good marks in the exam.  

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