How to Score Well in Boards

Students are always worried when exam time is near, especially during class 10th and class 12th. Boards are very important for students as on the basis of their marks, they will get their favorite stream and college. To ace the exam, it is always advised to study from NCERT exemplar class 12. This is designed as per the CBSE guidelines. Students of classes 10th and 12th are advised to study from NCERT textbooks. It is because these are as per the CBSE guidelines and patterns.

These textbooks are designed in such a manner that will help the students to perform well as per the CBSE standards. When the student is done with the NCERT textbooks and feels that they have a good basic understanding, they can switch to NCERT exemplars. NCERT exemplars are practice-based solution, which helps the students to reach their goals. This will help the students to solve complex problems in no time. Just make sure to have good basic knowledge about the concepts, then only it is beneficial to go for NCERT exemplars. Not only for boards, but the NCERT exemplars will be helpful to crack some national level exams.

If you wish to score well in boards and are confused about how to achieve it, the following points should be considered:

  • Know the syllabus- It is very important to give good time on knowing the concepts which are important. Before starting the preparation, it is always advised to go through the topics of the syllabus. Mark the ones which you think are tough. You can combine the tough ones with the easy topics to balance out the learning. Make sure to know about the topics, so that you do not leave any, by mistakes.
  • Basic concepts- It is very important to clearly understand the basics. If your basics are clear, you will be able to solve the practical questions very easily. Also, clear basics will help in solving complex problems. Give good time to the basics to enhance your capability to solve complex problems in future. Also, from the theoretical point of view, you will be able to write well in exams, if your concepts are clear because we all know cramming does not go long way.
  • Help from NCERT exemplars- Once you think, your basics are clear and you have completed the whole syllabus, you can start preparing with NCERT exemplars. These are practice-based textbooks that are a bit of a high level. With the help of this, you will be able to solve complex problems in very less time. Also, by practicing with this, you will be able to confidently solve the problems in exams. Not only for boards but this is highly recommended for entrance exams like JEE Advanced and JEE mains, which are the national level competitive exams.
  • Time management- Completing your exam on time is always a task for some students. Make sure to solve sample paper, so that you can complete your exam on time. Solving mock test papers will increase your speed to complete your exam. There is no benefit of preparing well if your speed is not good. So prepare your mind and allot the time for the sections, so that you get enough time to revise your exam as well in the end.
  • Ensure speed and accuracy- Solving the sample paper, mock test paper and previous question papers will help you to increase your speed. Also, it will help you to increase your accuracy with speed. So you will get the best results which will pave the way towards success. Know your strengths and weakness and know how you can work on them to improve your results. Boards are meant to be very crucial, so never ignore anything. Focus on every little aspect to score well on boards.
  • Revision- Once you are done with your NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars, revise the topics which you are asked have high chances. Revise the repeated questions in the previous question papers and also revise those which you feel are tough. Understand from your teachers or seek online help to understand the topics which you think are difficult. Although the language is very simple in NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars, you won’t feel the need of seeking external help. But just in case, never hesitate to seek help from the websites.

So above are some of the points one must consider while preparing for boards. If you are looking for NCERT exemplar solutions class 12, you can visit the Infinity Learn website. They comprehensively focus on the entire topics chapter wise properly making sure that the language is easy for all the students. Also, the NCERT exemplar will help you with complex problems, which will prepare you for the boards as well as competitive exams as well. 

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