How to promote an album :12 essential strategies

You’ve put your heart and soul into creating a masterful music album – now what?

The hard work isn’t over once an album is wrapped. In fact, some might say it’s only just begun.

Here are some ways to effectively promote your album.

1. Sell merch

Band merch is one of the most lucrative things a musical act can have, with money generated often going directly into the band’s pocket.

Set up astore on your website in addition to setting up merch tables at your live gigs. Give access to fans the world over and provide them with unique products that go beyond the concert tee or jacket patch.

2. Push pre-orders.

Once you start promoting your new album odds are fans will want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. Even if the album release is a month away, make them feel like they’re getting it immediately by offering pre-orders.

You may want to offer incentives like special edition merch or signed copies with the pre-order to boost sales.

3. Put your best foot forward with a single.

Is there one song on the album that encapsulates its vibe? A track you know will resonate with fans? Release it as a single to build hype for the album as a whole.

4. Get social.

Being creative with promotion on social media can go a long way for free advertising.

Run contests or giveaways to get fans involved. Tag venues, promoters, and media outlets to make them aware of what you’re up to.

5. Use your network.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, odds are you have a network of insiders who can help get the word out about your album.

6. Create a press kit.

Anyone looking to cover your music for the media will want access to an electronic press kit, as it makes getting basic information much easier.

Create an e-kit that includes the album cover, track list, band photo, release date, where the album can be purchased or streamed, and a succinct pitch that sums up what the album is about.

7. Contact local media.

Reach out to media directly – the radio specifically – to offer up exclusive track access ahead of the release or press interviews.

8. Go beyond the local.

Hop online and grab contacts from music bloggers and podcast hosts to get coverage digitally that can spread to people outside your immediate geographic area.

9. Organize a release party.

Create hype by setting up an album release party where fans can hear new tracks for the first time live and meet their favorite artists.

10. Build a tour.

Head out on the road to promote your album, creating a route that makes sense for your budget and where fans are most concentrated.

11. Check your tech.

Is your website up-to-date? Does it function well enough that people who go looking to find out more about you or pre-order your album can do so with ease?

12. Use your mailing list.

Many artists have a mailing list dedicated to keeping their fans up-to-date on what the band is up to. Utilize this list to give fans early access to the album and merch and make them the first to be in the know about album news.

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