How to make your BWSSB bill payment online?

If you’re residing in Bengaluru, it’s important to learn about the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board or BWSSB. You can pay the water bills to BWSSB. This authority sends water bills to several households on a frequent or monthly basis. Households must pay the bills before the payment’s due date to avoid interest or penalty. Consumers are no longer required to pay water bills by waiting in long queues, as the authority has certified several online payment wallets and apps that can accept your water bill payments.

Users can pay their water bills within Karnataka by using the Karnataka One Portal. This portal can be used to pay bills to the BWSSB and receive instant receipts and confirmations.

How to make your BWSSB online bill payment via Karnataka One Portal?

Karnataka One is a centralized portal that allows residents to learn about vital schemes, pay for vital services penalty and challan, apply for Aadhaar Card, or access municipal services. To pay your BWSSB water bill on time, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the portal ‘Karnataka One’ and visit the top menu.
  • Select the ‘online services  from the dropdown menu.
  • You’ll be redirected to the next page. Visit the ‘utilities’ tab and choose ‘water bill payment option.’
  • To access the online payment gateway, visit the ‘avail online’ tab and select the ‘Pay Now’ available in the Bengaluru tab.
  • Enter the RR number and submit the login details. You can fetch vital details like bill number, consumer name, bill amount, and so on. You can choose a payment mode according to your choice to get the transaction done.
How to make your BWSSB bill payment online?
How to make your BWSSB bill payment online?

How to get your BWSSB online bill payment done?

Consumers can pay their water bill dues via the BWSSB with the help of these easy steps:

  • Go to the BWSSB portal and click on the “pay your bills” option.
  • On entering the eight-digit RR number, you can fetch relevant details from your system. Once the details are displayed, you can make the BWSSB online bill payment.

Alternatively, you can download a personal loan app to take a loan for immediate water bill payments.

How to get your BWSSB online payment done via payment apps?

If you use online payment apps regularly, you can pay through BWSSB online bill payment via any of these apps. The consumers will be required to visit any of the above websites. Next, they’ll be asked to insert their RR number to fetch their bill details. Next, they can complete the entire transaction via their account. You can download the payment invoices by visiting the apps or portal’s ‘orders section.’

Ways to pay your BWSSB bill offline-

If you’re willing to complete your BWSSB water transaction, you can look for the closest water bill payment center through the Karnataka One portal. You can follow these basic steps to discover the closest center within your city:

  • Go to the Karnataka One portal. Visit the “utilities’ section. Choose ‘Water Bill Payment Bengaluru’
  • Select the option ‘Avail at BangaloreOne centers.’
  • Select the option ‘view centers’. You’ll come across a list of offices proximate to your residence.

BWSSB: ways to check any dues against water bills in Bengaluru

Consumers can know about the payment procedures of the water bills by entering the RR number on the downloaded payment app.

Users should enter their PR number to check any dues against the BWSSB water bills. The PR number can be necessary to gather details from the online portal. The latest bill paid by you will be portrayed on the display screen. Besides, any pending dues will be generated via the portal if there are any pending dues.

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