How to Hire Top Talent for Your Comedy Showcase

With the comedy scene as popular as it has ever been, there is a hungry audience eager to spend their time and money on high-quality stand-up comedy. Scheduling talent for a private party isn’t all that different from booking talent for a public event. The most significant change is usually at the expense of employing a performer. Below are tips on how to hire top talent for your comedy showcase. 

Good Fit

The first step is to figure out what kind of performers would be a good fit for your event’s objectives. You want to find performers who will appeal to your target audience, fit your venue, and complement your vision. Make a list of the types of comedians who might be appropriate for your event. Search engines can take you straight to the websites of top performers, like Tony Baker for example. Rather than settling with what listing companies have to give, we propose going to a performer’s website. Checking a performer’s website might reveal a lot about their professionalism.

How to Hire Top Talent for Your Comedy Showcase
How to Hire Top Talent for Your Comedy Showcase


The comedian should consult with you concerning your event after (and occasionally during) the initial contact. This will allow you to expand on the information presented previously. Rather than asking the comedian questions, share your vision of the event with them. To the best of your ability, respond to their inquiries. If there will be other entertainers or lecturers on stage, make sure to inform the artist. If the performance will be on during other activities (such as dinner), you should let your guests know. The purpose of this meeting is not to sell you an act. (If it is, be cautious.) An entertainment consultation allows the artist to obtain a sense of your entertainment requirements. It will assist the performer in determining whether or not his or her act is appropriate for your eyesight.


Request a proposal before deciding which comedian to hire. So that there are no surprises, the proposal should cover everything you’ve discussed. You should be aware of when the comedian is expected to arrive. The time and services offered. What they’ll need in terms of space and show technology (sound, lighting, and so on). Make certain you have read and comprehend the technical rider. Riders aren’t supposed to be a hassle. They comprise conditions that must be met in order for your event’s entertainment to be a success. The performer’s fee and any travel expenses should also be included in the proposal. Knowing who is responsible for what helps you prevent unpleasant surprises when it comes to your entertainment budget.


Once you’ve decided on the performer you want to hire, get in touch with them right away. The majority of artists will not hold a date without a formal agreement or a deposit. A performance agreement or contract is commonly sent by professional performers. These might range from a simple form with all the pertinent information to a more complex document containing clauses and eventualities. 

Before signing, make sure you’ve read and comprehend everything. If you have any questions, you should see a lawyer or ask the performer/agent/management for clarification. A cancellation clause should be included in every contract. You’re requesting that the musician reserve a time slot for your event. This implies they’ll have to pass up other opportunities to perform. They will demand reimbursement for missed wages if your event is canceled.

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