How to get rid of a tan on brown skin

People in the tropical region are very prone to skin tans. It has been heard many times that tans are a struggle to remove. This happens a lot for those who love the beaches and seashores. 

Most of the time, people get confused with the tan removal treatment, but not anymore. We have discussed the reasons behind the tan on the skin and its effective treatment.

How do we get tan on our skin?

Basically, the skin has many layers. The top layer of the skin is called the epidermis. The epidermis on the skin layer contains the cells known as melanocytes. Sometimes the melanocytes produce the pigment, commonly called melanin. 

The tan that we see on the skin is the result of melanin production. The melanocytes produce the melanin when it is released to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, when you go to the beach or are under direct sunlight, you easily get tan, as your melanocytes start releasing the melanin pigment. 

The ways to get rid of tan are listed below

  • Black tea

Black tea is an ancient technique that is said to remove skin tan. Many have probably heard from their grandparents about the benefit of black tea for the tan removal treatment. Although natural treatment is always safe to experiment with, if you are really concerned about the tan removal treatment, you must visit your dermatologist at the earliest.

  • Aloe vera

The aloe vera is the only plant having the record of curing almost every skin disease. The aloe vera must be used in the correct way for a bit longer time to get the best result. The tan removal treatment with aloe vera must be done with the aloe vera gel or convert the gel into ice cubes. 

  • Scrubbing

Gently scrubbing your tanned skin with a body scrub or a loofah always makes a difference. The tan on the skin is the most basic problem for many. The scrubbing or exfoliating of the skin makes your skin soft as it removes dead skin cells while also ensuring to gradually remove the tan. 

Many of the time, the dead skin cells accumulate in the upper layer of the skin and make it tanned. Thus, exfoliating your skin, once or twice a week can cure the tan. The tan removal treatment includes the most basic step that is scrubbing. 

  • Turmeric

Turmeric paste is known as one of the best tan removal treatments. We all acknowledged the benefits of turmeric and turmeric paste. The turmeric mixed with the hot milk helps us to have a very good sleep, which is very important for our skin. 

Turmeric paste is said to have many beneficial properties needed to remove a tan. There are many other ways to lighten the skin tone, but lightening skin tone artificially will only last a little while using the natural tan removal treatment for a bit longer. It will help us to have clearer skin without any side effects.


The best possible way to avoid the tan is to limit the exposure of your skin to ultraviolet rays. Sometimes it becomes very important to go out in the sun, as many of us have different jobs and work, thus it is discussed in the above blog about how to get rid of the tan. The tan removal treatment is pocket-friendly and saves your skin from the early stages of different skin problems and diseases. 

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