How to Do Social Marketing The Right Way

With more than 5 billion people in the world owning a mobile device with at least two social media apps installed, it is evident that social marketing plays a huge role in your business. However, if you don’t optimize this strategy, you will lose out on opportunities. Thankfully, you can readily make content with an online video editor like It also comes with an image resize and a collage maker for digital images.

With a social media marketing plan, you can guide your actions instead of just posting randomly. As a result, you can achieve your goals on social media more efficiently. You can increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, boost sales, and provide excellent customer service with social media. Remember, the more specific your social marketing plans are, the more effective they will be. Creating this is not a daunting task if you follow these tips to create a winning strategy that delivers results. 

Set Goals That Align With Your Objectives

If you want to succeed, you must begin with clear goals because these keep you centered. When you don’t have a purpose, you have no way of tracking and measuring success. Besides, you want a solid plan that helps you evaluate if you have gotten a return on your marketing investments. All your goals must follow the SMART framework, meaning they should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Besides, your social media goals must stay in alignment with your overall company objectives. So whether you want to achieve more click-throughs, boost site traffic, or increase purchases, you must start by writing down specific goals for each platform. From there, you can optimize your tools like an online video editor to create the best content. 


Establish Your True Target Audience

With so many other brands on social media, you must rise above the noise. You can easily do that if you know what your true target audience is. Though it is tempting to target everyone, that’s not realistic nor beneficial for your limited resources.

Furthermore, knowing your market means you can give them what they want to see on social media. From there, you can get creative with your online video editor and collage maker to create content that they will like, share, and comment on. This is critical if you want to turn social media followers into loyal customers. Thus, you must know details like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Job
  • Interests
  • Hobby
  • Pain points

Remember, your followers, fans, prospects, and customers are real people with wants, preferences, and needs. So do your best to gather data and research statistics, so your choices will be grounded on facts. Thus, creating a buyer or audience persona will help you successfully target and engage with the right people on social media.

Keep Your Enemies or Competitors Close

Every competitive business owner is already using social media. Thus, stick to the adage of keeping your friends close but enemies closer. It would be best if you learned from what your fiercest competitors are doing. You can start with a competitive analysis to truly understand what they’re doing. It will reveal what they are doing well and lagging on. This will help you spot opportunities and provide guidance on what to avoid so you can conserve your resources.

On top of that, you can do social media listening. What does this mean? It is another way to keep an eye out for your competitors’ reach. For example, you can do the following:

  • Search for other company’s names
  • Analyze relevant keywords results
  • Check out account handles
  • Find out what they share on social media
  • Assess how people react to posts

You can use this kind of data to formulate solid strategies for your brand. If certain topics really hit the mark, you can take cues from them. Use your online video editor to create stunning video ads that cover the topic. For best results, you must continuously monitor what’s going on to readily adapt. 

Conduct an Audit of Your Social Profiles

Chance is, you already utilize social media. After all, it’s free! Thus, you must take inventory of what you’re doing to assess where you need to improve. Keep things grounded on performance metrics and analytics to ensure you deal with data. It would help if you took note of the following details:

  • What posts work for what channel?
  • Who are the people responding to your posts?
  • Which is the best platform for your target?
  • How is your social media presence faring with competitors?

Once you’ve asked these questions, you now possess a clear picture of how each of your social media agency accounts works. Next, it would help to create a strategy for each platform. You can then take the necessary steps to improve your profile and posts to secure more followers. For example, you can use your collage maker to improve FB headers. In the same token, you can use an online video editor to share product demos.

During the audit, you may also see impostor or fake accounts that mimic your business name, products, and services. These accounts harm your brand and capture followers that should have been yours. Take a proactive approach to report these dummy accounts. It would also help to get a verified account so that everyone knows they are dealing with the real deal.


Find Inspiration and Keep Churning Content

Keep your inspiration high to ensure your creativity never runs dry. Remember, your brand will only be relevant if you post high-quality content regularly. In addition, you can draw inspiration from the other social media accounts around you. For example, stay motivated via:

  • Other people’s social media success stories
  • Award-winning accounts
  • Viral campaigns
  • Favorite campaigns
  • Ask your own followers

It would help to use a content calendar to map out your topics and distribution times. Having this in place means you can get the most impact when you share your content. Apart from your online video editor, you can use other tools like HootSuite to create a detailed calendar with specific posting times for each channel. 

Parting Words

Making sure your online presence is on point is no easy task. Your social activities from releasing images, posting videos, sharing links, and making time for audience interaction is a lot to juggle all at once. So, to guarantee consistency, you’ll have to be clever. When you follow these tips, you can ascertain that everything you do supports your business goals.


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