Hospitality Courses – A Roadmap to a Career in Hospitality

Hospitality Management and Tourism has been the study of the tourism industry within the past few decades. Today this area of study has become highly regarded as a career choice for many people. As a result, there is an increasing demand for Hospitality Management Scholarships. Many University’s offer a Masters Degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism and many other colleges also offer a similar course. A Certificate in Hospitality Management can normally be given by either a University with a department dedicated to this field or a business college with an appropriate department.

There are several reasons why you would wish to take a Hospitality Management and Tourism course. One of the main reasons is of course the ability to work within a team of people, as well as, enjoy the task itself. You will be required to have a broad understanding of all aspects of Hospitality and the food and drink business.

There are many different kinds of Hospitality Management Courses being offered across India at the moment. You should choose a course that best suits your personality and career aspirations. Most Universities and Colleges have quite a few Hospitality Management courses available. For example:

Hospitality Management Courses are normally divided into two sections, these are Hospitality Management Classes and Hospitality Management Colleges. The subjects you will usually learn in Hospitality Management Classes include basic subjects like general management and finance, sales and marketing, human resource management etc. Some of the subjects in a Hospitality Management College will include guest service techniques, safety and sanitation, restaurant management, hotel operations, hotel marketing etc. It is usually required that students who sign up for Hospitality Management Classes and Colleges complete a internship as well.

Those wishing to pursue their diplomas in Hospitality from an accredited University or College will need to complete some subjects as well. These include topics such as Hotel & Restaurant Operations, Fundamentals of Hospitality, Hotel Front Office and Service, Wine or Food Business, International Hotel accounting etc. Normally it is required that students who wish to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management complete either a Bachelor’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Plus Degree. However, most Bachelors courses take two years to complete.

Apart from studying specific subject areas in Hospitality Management Colleges, there are some interesting career options available. These include Hotel Counselor or Hotel Manager which could be for one or two years and Hotel Operations Manager for five to seven years. Most of those wishing to pursue a career in Hospitality work in conjunction with other professionals to increase their skills and knowledge. Some examples include Hotel Accountants, Hotel Marketing Executives, Hotel Reservation System Executives, Hotel Kitchen Management etc.

In terms of specializations in Hospitality, there are many that are available including Hospitality Sales, Hotel Executive, Hotel Restaurant and Event Staffing etc. Hotel management courses also provide students with internship opportunities after graduation. Internships might prove to be quite an advantageous step in terms of gaining real-world experience which could prove valuable. The hotel management courses prepare students with the skills to work effectively in a team environment. These include planning, coordinating, delegating, leading, planning and organizing.

Therefore, if you are interested in a career in Hospitality, you should definitely consider enrolling in a reputable hotel management courses college to enhance your employability prospects. With the current economic downturn, there is no room for being late. It is important to make sure that you have the necessary qualifications to make a career in Hotel Management so that you do not find yourself without a job when the recession ends. Therefore, now is the right time to enrol in a hospitality course so that you have better employability prospects.


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