High School Title IX: All you need to know

According to Title IX, any discrimination based on sex in an educational institution is prohibited and a punishable offense. It is a federal law that was passed in 1972. All educational institutions receiving federal funds are bound to abide by the law. A  high school Title IX includes discrimination based on sex and the offenses include rapes, sexual violence, sexual assault, and so on. 

Responsibilities of the School in Handling Title IX cases

As soon as the school authority is informed about a sexual offense or comes to know from anywhere, they should not waste their time and respond immediately. The immediate response should eliminate the hostile situation and hold the person accountable for their actions. The school should inform the parents of the victim. Even if the parents are not ready to take any action and file a complaint, the school should not avoid it if they know about the matter. The school authority must investigate the matter and take steps to resolve it. 

What are the necessary steps that a school must adopt to prevent sexual violence?

The school must publish a policy that there should not be any discrimination based on sex in the activities and opportunities the school has to offer. The policy must be published and made the students aware of it. The school must include in the policy that any such matter must be reported to the Title IX coordinator. Further, the school should make the students and the parents aware of the Title IX coordinator as they will be in charge of the matter and they are the person who will handle the crisis. 

How can a Title IX attorney help with such cases?

It is unfortunate if you are facing any kind of sexual harassment. The trauma of sexual harassment can stay with you for a long time. But you should not shy away from reporting it and fighting for your justice. A school despite its role in such cases may try to keep silent about it as its reputation will be hampered. In such a situation contact a Title IX attorney. They will guide you and follow the legalities to make sure that you receive what you deserve. The attorneys will also support you mentally and emotionally so that you can get past the situation.

A therapist will help you out of the misery you are facing after being molested or discriminated against. Take out your time and book an appointment for a burden-free future. 

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