Getting Into Sports Betting: Key Things To Know

Sports betting has successfully become popular and accepted in South Africa. With the eradication of the stigma associated with gambling, the betting industry will become unstoppable in 2022.

Are you interested in the world of sports betting? Wonderful, if it does. It’s mainly because it will be the upcoming big thing in the gambling industry. But where should you start, especially if you don’t know the fundamentals? There are websites where you can learn everything about it, thankfully.

We’ve listed the top five things that every beginner should be aware of to get you going.

Underdogs vs Favourites

The first thing oddsmaker will determine while releasing a betting line for a game is to identify the teams under the labels of favourite and underdog. The favourite team is obviously more likely to win the betting and put a minus sign against its odds. Similarly, the underdog is expected to lose in the game and use a plus sign online betting south africa.


Another fascinating way to bet on an underdog or a favourite is choosing to bet on the money line. For this, you simply have to pick the probable winner of the game and use the odds to evaluate the payout. It’s simple and straightforward.

Just make sure you select the most popular sports by betting volume to bet on. In this way, you’ll increase your chances of winning the bet.

Under/Over (Totals)

Besides setting a line for the underdog and favourite, the oddsmaker will also set the combined points scored by both teams. It is called under/over or total. However, you can anytime refer to the online portals or an expert to understand more about money lines.

How do you place a bet?

Since you’re now fully-familiar with the fundamentals of sports betting, we’ll let you understand how to place a bet on a game. Just make sure you stay open-minded and be careful when placing your bet. Do you best research to figure out your odds of winning and study data to make an informed betting decision.

Some key tips to bet on sports are:

  • Wager only on lines with positive expected value. You don’t need to wager on every game. Instead, choose one or two games with desirable lines.
  • Don’t forget your bankroll. You don’t want to put all your money on betting. So, plan how much money you want to use for sports betting. Don’t spend more than that.
  • There are low chances that you’ll make a living off of sports betting. Consider it as a side hustle or a recreational activity. Put simply, you must have realistic expectations when betting on sports.
  • Stay disciplined, and control your emotions. You may feel like betting on your home team, but that may not be as profitable as you might think. So, play carefully.


So, this is all you need to know about starting with sports betting. You can also get in touch with an expert to know some more nuances of this betting business. However, make sure you begin betting only after you understand all the basics of the game.

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