Future of Investment in Nova City VS Kingdom Valley


Islamabad is a home to some of the most lavish housing projects. The Kingdom Valley and Nova City are among them, as they are the best housing project worthy of investment. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is a home for many foreigners, especially foreign ambassadors.

Both the project cater to a wide range of clients and locations. Some real estate specialists believe that the plots in these housing projects are expected to make a lot of money in the longer run. 

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the upcoming elite real estate projects that comes under the domain of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The government of Pakistan is managing this scheme, and it aims to provide world class housing facilities at reasonable rates. Kingdom Valley is locatable in the middle of Islamabad at Chakri Road adjacent to M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. 


This housing project is situated near Chakri Interchange towards M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. The exotic location of this project makes it a prime real estate development in Islamabad. It is adjacent to some popular housing projects such as Blue World City and Capital Smart City. Apart from that, it is about a five-kilometer distance away from recently approved Rawalpindi Ring Road. It would be a place for investment and work, as the New Islamabad International Airport is only few miles away from this project.

Invest in Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is among the few real estate ventures in Islamabad that provides real estate investors a lot of return for their investment. Furthermore, it also comes with less prices and high-quality facilities for the residents there.

The only reason to invest in this venture is that it comes under the domain of Naya Pakistan Housing Program by federal government, which is meant to assist people who look to buy homes at reasonable rates. At last, the idea that this housing project would multiply and give a lot of investment return makes it one of the best real estate investments right now. 

Nova City

Nova City Islamabad is another upcoming housing project located in the suburbs of Islamabad. The Nova Developers are working on this project’s design and master plan. This housing project is adjacent to the CPEC route at Fateh Jang Road and recently approved Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, the design and framework of this housing project provide a chief location close to the twin cities. 


This housing project is easily accessible by the CPEC Route and recently approved Ring road, making it an ideal investment choice. Furthermore, one can easily reach Rawalpindi and Islamabad about half an hour from the housing project. It is located only 6 minutes away from Bango, Attock. The location of this housing project holds a substantial worth as the position is adjacent to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange. The New Islamabad International Airport is less than half a drive away. 

Invest in Nova City

One of the chief motives of the project developers is that real estate experts exactly look up to the more projecting return on the rates of investment when investing in this project. This housing project has an improved worth due to the accessibility of recently approved Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route. This is the only reason that the property is tremendously cherished in the market.

Other reason that might attract the interests of potential investors is the reasonable payment plans. Furthermore, the rates of the plots are pocket friendly. Furthermore, the greenery and eco-friendly environment with state-of-the-art facilities that the developers will provide to the residents make Nova Housing Society worth investing in.


It can be concluded that both housing projects offer high-tech facilities to investors willing to invest in them. One common thing is that all of the projects are situated near the M2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway. Kingdom Valley would be a suitable place to invest as it provide reasonable housing at low rates.

Both of these housing projects are at the initial phase and are selling plots at lower rates prices. If you are willing to invest in any of these housing projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate brokers are looking forward to help those who want to invest in these housing projects.

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