Four Clever Ways to Use Windshield Decals

Now that the COVID19 pandemic is slowly ending and the streets are getting busy again, many businesses have started investing in marketing tools and techniques. For years, businesses have benefited from covering company cars with branded stickers and decals. These marketing tools are definitely back in demand as businesses are competing to make positive first impressions on target customers.

However, bright and bold window graphics and decals can help businesses in more ways. Sure, their primary aim will always be attracting the eyes of target customers. But, you can use your windshield decals for more than just marketing. Here are four clever ways to use these decorative car accessories –


Plain windows are attractive entry points for carjackers. When a car’s window has no markings, labels, or graphics – carjackers assume that it’s okay to rob that vehicle. But, it’s very hard to get away with carjacking when the car under your possession is covered with brand names, company details, phone numbers, etc. Law enforcement officials can easily spot such cars. That’s why carjackers always avoid cars with decorative windshields.

Many even use window decals or stickers on their home’s windows. They print security messages on customizable decals. When burglars read messages like “you are under surveillance,” they quickly drop the idea of breaking in. Car owners can apply the same logic and use customized decals to thwart any unwanted entry attempts by potential carjackers.

Block the Sun

The use of tinted, tinged, colored, or shaded glass in car windows is illegal. It can result in penalties or fines for car owners. Instead of installing tinted windows, you can install decals on your car’s windshield for heat protection. Customize your decals with reflective colors. Then, install them on your car’s windshield and windows.

Increase the Car’s Perceived Value

If you weren’t able to purchase a high-end car, don’t be disappointed. With the right decals for your windshield, you can increase its perceived value.

  • You can create decal designs that are specific to your car.
  • Decals can be customized to suit any windshield size and shape. 
  • Choose from vinyl, clear, or self-cling substrates; pick the one that suits your car’s exterior design the best. 
  • You can even print graphics with multiple layers that give double-sided effects.

All of these design choices make it easier to create unique-looking cars with simple decals. Plus, vinyl decals are very low-cost and easy to remove. You can technically give your car a brand-new look every month without having to break the bank.

Business Owners Can Get Tax Write-Offs

Business owners love applying decals to company cars for many reasons:

  • Decals make dull-looking cars seem appealing and interesting  
  • They are inexpensive, customizable, and easily replaceable.
  • Business owners can have QR codes printed on their decals. These codes can lead customers to company websites.

Most importantly, under the IRS code, decals qualify as business expenses for company car owners. When writing off all business expenses, business owners are allowed to write off any expense related to advertising. Since windshield stickers and decals are technically advertising tools, writing them off as business expenses is totally legal.

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