Fastest Internet Provider in Hawaii

No matter wherever you go, the internet is a necessity as it enables you to connect to the world. Moreover, it allows you to search, work, play, and more, and people also use it to bide their time. And Hawaii is no different. You can find several internet and TV cable service providers in Hawaii with a reliable and robust network. Also, every type of internet service is available, that includes:

DSL: DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is greater than choppy dial-ups and uses a phone cable line to connect you to the network.

Cable: Cable is the standard of today’s living, as almost everyone has, even the people on minimum wages. Every service provider offers cable internet with several packages. 

Satellite: Recently, satellite technology has gained huge momentum, and several ISPs have started adopting satellite technology to provide services outside of city or rural areas. 

Fiber: Fiber optics use glass fibers within cables to transmit internet signals. Fiber optics are available in Hawaii and provides great speed and reliability.

So, all in all, you have many options to choose from, and here we have made things a little for you by describing a few of the best service providers in Hawaii.

  • Spectrum

Spectrum (for esp users click here) provides fast and reliable services across Hawaii. Moreover, it offers an antivirus program, no data cap, and more. Spectrum Wi-Fi services are also very powerful, which allows multiple device connections. 

Spectrum has multiple internet, TV, and phone packages for home, office, and business. Also, they have Wi-Fi hotspots spread across many areas, which helps people securely connect to the internet. Spectrum offers three different plans, which are as follows:

Basic Internet Plan – internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile with up to 300 Mbps speed at $49.99/month.

Ultra Internet Plan – internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile with up to 500 Mbps speed at $69.99/month.

Gig Internet Plan – internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile with up to 1 Gbps speed at $89.99/month.

  • Hawaii Dialogix Telecom

Hawaii DT is one of the fastest-growing internet service providers focused on creating a business solution. Hawaii DT offers the following internet plans: 

Fiber internet (click here) with up to 1 gig of speed is available in several areas.

Fixed wireless for users outside wired connection bounds. It is also capable of delivering 1 Gbps speed.

Ethernet in the First Mile: EFM provides cost-effective, high-speed internet connections. 

  • Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile provides mobile Wi-Fi hotspot packages to get 5G/4G internet with multiple device connectivity. You can connect your laptop, tablet, consoles, android TV box, and any wireless network device. However, there is a data cap on plans, which are as follows:

Pack 1 – Unlimited talk and text and mobile hotspot with 2GB 5G/4G data at $15/month.

Pack 2 – Unlimited talk, text, and mobile hotspot with 5GB 5G/4G data at $25/month.

Pack 3 – Unlimited talk, text, and mobile hotspot with 10GB 5G/4G data at $35/month.

Unlimited packages offer 35Gb 5G/4G data and 12GB mobile hotspot at $50 a month, and 35GB 5G/ 4G data and 30GB mobile data at $60 a month.

  • Verizon

Verizon offers all kinds of internet services, namely, 5G/4G, cable internet, TV cable, and fiber optics internet. They are one of the best service providers, offering numerous plans at great prices, but you have to buy their device to connect wireless devices. Moreover, they have portable devices you can carry around Hawaii to have consistent connectivity to the internet. You can view their different plans for Fioptics and symmetrical connections and check availability in Hawaii by contacting their customer service. 

Verizon has some of the best fiber optics plans, which are as follows:

Fios 300 – 300 download and upload speed with fiber connection at $49.99/month.

Fios 500 – 500 download and upload speed with fiber connection at $69.99/month.

Fios 1 Gig with up to 940 Mbps speeds with fiber connection at $89.99/month.

  • Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom is one of Hawaii’s largest internet service providers, with multiple homes and business solutions. Moreover, they are the biggest growing fiber optics providers with the following plans:

Fiber 300 – Fiber 300 Mbps symmetrical connection at $39.99/month for 12 months.

Fiber 500 – Fiber 500 Mbps unlimited connection at $44.99/month.

Fiber 750 – Fiber 750 Mbps unlimited connection at $54.99/month.

Fiber 1 Gig – Fiber 940 Mbps unlimited connection at $74.99/month.

All the Hawaiian Telcom connections come with Google Wi-Fi which provides a stable and reliable connection. So, if you want fast internet in Hawaii, then Hawaiian Telcom is your best bet. Moreover, they also have DSL and cable connections and offer services for Wi-Fi, landlines, and television sets.  


Although Hawaii only has a handful of internet service providers, the present ones are some of the top providers. They provide amazing and affordable packages and plans, which are a great solution for home or business. 

We hope we have answered your concerns about service providers in Hawaii. So, visit each service and look for the best deal. Some also offer bundle options for TV, internet, and phone, so don’t forget to check them out as well. After that, compare the prices and plans and make an informed decision according to your needs and demands.

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