Exploring different brim hat styles to make the right choice

Already you were busy with fedoras, tops, boaters, cowboys, and other shapes. Now, you must be obsessing over the brim types. After all, women’s hats come with flat, wide, and short brims. Each can significantly contribute to your fashion uniquely. Hence, it is natural to ponder over the options. Well, if you genuinely want to find the best match for yourself, you should learn about the shape or style of brims. While these have practical purposes, you can use them to meet your dressing goal too. So here is a quick insight into this to help you find your type without any hassle.

Choices in brim styles

The width of your hat’s brim can be narrow or wide. A snapped brim design allows you to keep your hat edges up or down. Some can come with rounded boundaries pointing toward the crown, which covers your head. If some hats feature folded edges forming a right angle with the brim, others like floppy brims made of soft material can be flexible and dynamic. You can notice a variation in brims eve within the same hat type. For example, think of fedoras. Some boast flat brims, while others stand out for their clean and sharp look. Are you aware of boater hats? Now, these are well-known for their unique build. Let’s look into some popular brim styles for more knowledge at once.

Flat brim

Like others, you can admire this shape for its structure. You find flat brims mostly in sturdy hats that can maintain their profiles, no matter how you store them. These are reliable for creating a classic look. If you want to achieve more, you can decorate them with hatbands. Women with a round face can specifically benefit from these hat styles.

Wide brim

Wide brim hats for women are also popular. However, these tend to be versatile. That’s why you can try various looks with them, from chic to bold and much more. You can wear them any time of the season. More importantly, a wide brim hat can be an ideal fit for a square face. From the very construction, you can easily guess it to be a perfect choice for your outing in the sun.

Short brim

These humble hats can be a blessing for any wardrobe. Whether you need some spring or summer fun, you can trust them to match your signature look. Someone with an oval or long face can find these to be a go-to choice. The short brims can enhance their bone structure pretty well.

Styling your look with brims

All brim shapes and designs are remarkable, but some can be trendier than others. Think of wide-brim hats, for instance. If you want to bring the bohemian flair of the 1970s, you cannot ignore floppy versions. You can mix and match them with anything, including skirts, jeans, suits, t-shirts, etc. When you don this style, you look nothing less than polished and sophisticated. However, some prefer this choice for its round-the-year application. Whether winter, summer, or spring, you can never go wrong with your wide brim hat. That’s why it makes sense to figure out how you should wear this brim type.

Suppose you have got a cream straw fedora hat in white or cream color. You can pair it with absolutely anything, such as 1970’s dresses, casuals, boho designs, and minimalist fashion. The experts believe that this is a complicated accessory, and hence, the overall appearance has to be simple to generate a sense of classiness. One more thing that you can keep in mind is the choice of dresses. Go with neutral colors for the best results if you desire. Else, there are still many options to think about and rock. To be precise, a grey fedora hat with a wide brim can look excellent with a sleeveless shirt-dress and red strappy heels.

You can do something with an intelligent casual look if you have a wide brim fedora felt hat. Wear an opaque knitted bra top, high-waist shorts, and slip-on with a white fedora. Once you are ready, don’t forget to check yourself in the mirror. It can leave you surprised with its ability to create an effortless charming look. Or, do you crave some tomboyish feel? In that case, a burgundy-colored fedora hat with burgundy cuffed chinos, cream white sweater, and flat lace-ups can make the right pick. Or, you can combine your black wide brim hat with white sneakers, wide pants, and a strapless blush top to get that bold feel.

Genuinely, hat brims can be a decisive factor in your overall hat look and ensemble. You must not ignore or downplay them knowingly. Otherwise, all your efforts can go to waste. You may fail to create magic with your choices, no matter how hard you try. Also, buy your hats from a reputable store only to avoid any embarrassment with quality.

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