Fat Freeze 101: Everything You Need to Know

Fat Freezing, also known by its scientific name, cryolipolysis is a non-surgical procedure that is quite popular for fat reduction. It uses immensely cold temperatures to reduce fat deposits in different areas of the body. It is basically designed to reduce fat in areas that don’t respond well to diet or exercise. So, bear in mind that it isn’t for obese or overweight people. This procedure itself is patented under the name of CoolSculpting.

When giving out recommendations, cryolipolysis is not for the entire body but rather for certain parts. The FDA approves this procedure to be performed in order to treat the fatty deposits in specific areas. These areas include beneath the chin, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, abdomen, upper back, brassiere rolls, lower back, hip, love handles and beneath the buttocks. So, if you want to get rid of love handles or banana rolls, you can easily get fat freezing in Dubai from a renowned clinic.

What Does the Procedure Include?

The process of coolsculpting a.k.a fat freezing is pretty straightforward. You can simply get it in a doctor’s office or an outpatient clinic, given they have the right tools.

Before the treatment, the doctor assesses the size and shape of the fat deposits and marks out the area with a skin marking pencil. During this part, the patient is fully conscious. Then, the doctor uses a device called the applicator to freeze the fatty deposits. This may be accompanied by sensations of tugging or pulling. The treatment takes around one hour to complete. The doctor may massage the area in order to assist in the breakdown of the fatty deposit. But it isn’t compulsory.

After the complete session, the patient is free to go and get back to their routine. The entire process of coolsculpting is almost painless and doesn’t require any downtime. This makes the procedure highly suitable for the working class as they don’t have too much spare time to spend resting.

What are the Benefits?

A Natural Look

Although the procedure produces results gradually, they appear natural in all regards. It allows for the skin to retain its elasticity and reduce the fatty areas without affecting other parts of the body. The process also occurs at a natural rate, allowing the body to adjust with its pace as compared to the drastic measure of strict diets and intense exercise. It usually takes a period of six months to get the expected results.

In addition, there is no scarring or appearance of marks, giving no indication of the treatment itself – well apart from the satisfying results that come with it!

Short Recovery Time

Often, many surgical operations prevent you from getting out of bed for weeks at a time, holding you back and stunting the transition for things to start normalizing. Since this treatment is entirely non-surgical, you’ll be up and about in practically no time!

Plus, there is no involvement of anesthesia during or before undergoing the procedure. The only sign you may have discomfort is a little redness and swelling right after the treatment, thus causing minimal disruption in your daily life!

Additionally, there’s no damage to blood vessels, nerves, muscles or any lasting damage on the skin.

Long Lasting Results

The results of fat freeze to truly show themselves can be a bit slow. The waiting period, however, is worthwhile. More importantly, the results last forever. The procedure removes the fat cells it marks permanently so the treated area is completely free of fatty acids. This means you can continue with your daily routine and the fat will stay away.

Even if you do gain some weight, the new layer of fat is more likely to have an even distribution in the area than it previously was. This way you only have to take the fat freezing sessions once and the results will most definitely reduce the possibility of another six months of sessions.

It is Efficient

Fat freezing can target more than one area at a time, allowing for efficiency. The whole body can undergo the treatment but if the patient decides that they want it performed in specific areas it is entirely possible, thus making the treatment flexible.

The Takeaway

Fat freeze is an efficient option if you want to get rid of fat deposits from trouble areas. However, it isn’t a weight reduction method and shouldn’t be used for that purpose. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting the treatment, make sure to consult your doctor for specifications. Similarly, if you want to make your skin look youthful forever, we recommend you to try facial fillers Dubai has from a reputable clinic.

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