Don’t Confuse Love For Domination


Love is an emotion and behaviour of intimacy, passion, and devotion. It involves sensitivity, closeness, security, attraction, affection, and trust. Love can develop and has varying degrees of intensity. It can lead to dangerous emotions like jealousy and stress, but it is a positive emotion like happiness, enthusiasm, life satisfaction, and bliss.

Some would contend that one of the human emotions is love. It is still one of the least understood behaviours, despite being one of the most investigated. For instance, scientists disagree on whether love is a purely cultural or biological phenomenon.


The Central Concept: Of course, different people have different ideas of what dominion is. Theorists of dominance generally concur on one thing: dominance is a form of unchecked, unjust imbalance of power that permits agents or systems to control other agents or the circumstances surrounding their activities. It is “the underlying concept” of dominance.  What would you do in this circumstance if your choice was to become a social media influencer but it was rejected? They are aggressive people.

Signs Of Dominating In Love

Dominance is a form of power, social power, or control over others. Power disparities or imbalances are characteristics of dominance. Latin’s dominus is whence the English word dominance is derived. A dominus is a master.

In some ways, dominating power is unrestricted. How masters wield their authority is entirely up to them. Such power is frequently characterised as arbitrary or discretionary, or perhaps unlimited by the interests of those it controls projects, the version of the world that is most favourable to the powerful while preventing the oppressed from viewing themselves or the world on their terms.

How To Handle A Dominating Partner

You are stuck in a push-pull relationship with someone who dictates your every choice and is a force. If your choice is, you want to become a Youtuber, but they say no to that, what would you do in this situation? They are dominating people.

Living with a controlling partner can be irritating, especially if you are in love with that person and it seems impossible to leave. A partner who enjoys being in charge of your life is either afraid of losing you or enjoying it. Are you frequently inundated with unsolicited advice? Do you find relationships of this nature frustrating? You are controlled and dominated by your lover, friend, boss, or anybody else with whom you are in a controlling relationship.

How to handle this sort of behaviour

Do not ignore this behaviour; if you do, your spouse will begin to control you even more since they will believe that you are comfortable with them controlling your life.

Be precise and forceful:

Abusive spouses respond to people who resist them and fight back. Never avoid dealing with them, and always find a solution. According to relationship guru Minnu Bhonsle, “When speaking to your partner, be direct and assertive. Let them know that expressing worry is acceptable as long as they don’t go crazy.

Stop caving to every demand:

You cease caving into your partner’s demands to stop them from controlling you. Make sure to let them know that you are making some decisions for yourself. Your partner will begin to exert influence over you as soon as you allow them to become involved in every element of your life.

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