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A variety of shirts are available on the market, which differs in quality, style, and fabric. Since everyone has a unique fashion sense, what appeals to you doesn’t necessarily have to be attractive to others. When it comes to Vlone shirts, there are many fabrics that they are made from. Here are the materials used to make the Vlone fashion shirts:


The first one is the oxford fabric. As the name implies, it`s a coarser (in comparison to others) clothing material and exhibits a more casual style. This fabric is quite soft and comfortable. Dress shirts made from this fabric usually have a button-down style. This fabric is not suitable for more formal attires. On the contrary, if you prefer a casual style, oxfords may be the material you are looking for Vlone Shirt!


Another common but excellent fabric used to make a Vlone shirt is twill. To put it in simple terms, it is a fabric that has slanted parallel linings, which makes it distinctive. These lines are also called “Wales”. One of the outstanding properties of this fabric is its durability. Shirts made from twill tend to last longer than other fabrics.

In addition, there are some types of twill in general, namely cotton and herringbone. Cotton has a shiny, slanted weave and is suitable for formal wear. The latter has more mixed (twisted) diagonal switches alternately, giving it more depth.


This is probably one of the most popular fabrics for the Vlone shirt. The outstanding properties of this fabric include its durability and toughness (fabric strength), as well as the fact that it does not shrink, has no wrinkles, dries quickly, and retains its shape. However, opting for a 100% polyester t-shirt is not ideal, as it can cause skin irritation and therefore an uncomfortable experience.


There is a material that can be described as “the best of all time”, it has to be cotton. Despite its drawbacks (such as shrinkage, tendency to wrinkle), it retains a fairly high preference level. Top designer brands like the Vlone brand and others wear it on their front shirts. Whether you are looking for a formal shirt or a casual shirt, cotton is by far the best option in terms of materials. It is a finely woven fabric that embodies class and elegance. In addition, it is a very good option to use in humid climates.


This is essential for those who prefer luxurious clothing styles. When it comes to sheer grace and sophistication, silk tops the list thanks to its shimmering sheen and elegant draping. However, it is not a recommended fabric as it is exorbitantly priced and not that great in terms of durability.

Fine Cloth 

If you are looking for a shirt that shows formality, then Fine Cloth is the ideal choice. It is one of the most common materials for everyday (formal) shirts. It is a thin and light fabric with a slight sheen. In addition, its “over-under fabric” makes this fabric even more attractive.

Ideal Suit Shirt Blend 

Whether designer shirts are made from 100% cotton or should be mixed with other fabrics is a matter of controversy. In short, it all depends on what you prefer to wear based on your taste and comfort.

So if you go for a mixed design shirt, keep in mind that the ideal mix ratio is 80:20. This is the perfect balance to give the shirt overall cotton feels while adding a bit of variety. Read more articles at quiz curry.

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