Busting The Myth And More On Ionized Water

A water ionizer is an appliance that one should always have in their home. Although there are many myths related to water ionization, we will try to bust them all out today. But we will start with understanding the mechanism of the water ionizer. As we said earlier, it is an appliance that utilizes the procedure of electrolysis.

Hence, the structure of the water changes on a molecular level. After the alteration, it will create antioxidant-rich ionized alkaline. Moreover, it also gives rise to the oxidizing ionized acidic stream of water consecutively. So, one can say that ionized water is very beneficial.

Let’s Break Down What We Understand By Water Ionization

We know ionization as water electrolysis. It is a method of producing a concentration of alkaline as well as acidic minerals. What it does is separates the oxygen and hydrogen found in water.

Moreover, the produced alkaline water offers the drinker with antioxidant and electron-rich medium for consumption. Meanwhile, the antioxidant water will provide the drinker with oxidizing water having antibacterial properties. Therefore, one can use it as a cleanser for external use.

But Where Did It Come From? First, let’s Go Through The Historical Record Of Water Ionized

The history of water ionizer for home is very interesting. It states how science ended up unveiling the mysteries of nature. To do that, they traveled back to the water source, which is the glacier that flows into many of the valleys.

One scientist came to know, although by accident, how electricity could be used to organize, structure, and re-energize the water, similar to how nature does in the water in glaciers. This discovery led to the generation of the water ionizer. As it happens, it has become one of the most crucial health care advances that continues to improve our health in many ways.

A water ionizer generates the alkaline water nu electrically splitting up the poorly filtered tap water. They divide it into water and acid water. Earlier in the 1950s, the first ionizer was developed in Japan. They conducted experiments on animals and plants. In 1954, the development was pushed through, and many organizations started adopting the procedure. They studied the effects of drinking ionized water—particularly the one with acid.

The ionized waters are used by farmers who supply cut flowers to keep their products fresh. Moreover, it assists the flowers in staying alone before their delivery. However, when it comes to whether drinking alkaline water is safe for humans or not, the result confirmed that it is. Many studies have found that the ionizer was not toxic. Moreover, it holds the capability to relieve many diseases through the sugar pill effect.

So How Does The Water Ionizer Work?

The mechanism of the water ionizer is very simple and includes straightforward procedures. Following, we have mentioned the steps on how it works, though.

  • First, the water passes through the internal water filter
  • In the next procedure, the water ionizer conducts a process called electrolysis. In this procedure, the water runs over positive and negative electrodes
  • During the process of electrolysis, alkaline and acidic water are created. The ionization of electrodes generally splits the water into two ions. They are positive and negative ions

That is how the water ionizer delivers the user with acidic and alkaline water.

Now, Let’s Go Through The Benefits Of Ionized Water…

To tell you the truth, the benefits of consuming ionized water are not a sales pitch. Instead, it looks forward to providing the user with what is necessary: the deliverance of important elements. Normally there are three main features and benefits of utilizing the alkaline water ionizer. So, let’s see what they are.

  • Water-rich In Antioxidants

The water is rich in antioxidants. One may think that the pH of the water is balanced, but what they look over is that it is rich in antioxidants. Because of this, many water purifiers come with alkaline post-filter that will deliver the user with better tasting and antioxidant-rich water. Antioxidants in water are usually measured in oxidation-reduction potential or ORP. So, the water from the ionizer will have a reading between -50 and -350 and above. Note that the higher the negative, the better it is for you.

  • Perfectly Balanced pH

Alkalinity in the diet is an important thing that many have to look out for. However, you also have to check the pH level of your water because it is equally important. The water your drink should have is alkaline with a pH of 7-8. Using a water ionizer or even a high-quality reverse osmosis system, you will surely be able to make the alkalinity level of pH 7-8.

  • Select The Alkalinity Level

With the help of the alkaline water ionizer, you will get a pH level of 9.5. However, the water ionizer works by splitting the H+ and the OH- ions in the water, so you will get the option to select exactly the level of pH you want to receive or arrest in your water. Moreover, you can choose the alkalinity level as low as 3 and as high as 12. It is something only a water ionizer can get done for you.

Bottom Line

Lastly, we have the added benefit of filtration. It is an important feature of the ionizer that will partially filter the water as well. So apart from managing your pH level, you will be able to get filtered water. We are all aware of how unsafe the tap water is, so the water ionizer for home is just a win-win for you. 

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