Breakbulk Shipping – Learn about the Key Benefits 

Breakbulk shipping is a method employed to transport your cargo successfully that doesn’t fit in standard cargo bins or ocean shipping containers. On the contrary, the goods are shipped through boxes, bags, crates, barrels, or just rolled, pushed, or lifted onto some ship. The common breakbulk goods are steel girders, reels, rolls, oversized and heavy items, structural steel, vehicles, and construction and manufacturing equipment. 

Today, shipping experience also matters considerably. According to an article published in Forbes, 84 percent of American customers state that they will not shop with a business after having a bad shipping experience. Then, why the demand for breakbulk shipping is rising of late? Here is why: 

Suitable for heavy and oversized goods

Heavy equipment or items are hard to break down or for that matter; oversized goods can gain from breakbulk shipping. Rather than breaking down an item to fit in a bin or container, a shipper can transport the product as a whole. 

Usually, a breakbulk ship has high-capacity and strong deck cranes together with more equipment required to load as well as unload heavy, oversized items. Further, highly robust barges are used to ensure loading shipment intermittently from the ship. 


Your cargo is moved to ports or from ports via land. It is an effective alternative for shippers looking for inland services. Else, breaking down items into containers is likely to be heavier on your budget than entirely containerized products. 

Items can enter smaller ports

Breakbulk shipping could be delivered to the majority of the ports and calls for little or no deconsolidation/reconsolidation. So, when loading as well as discharging your shipment at any port, the equipment is already obtainable on the vessel. It saves much time when shipping your goods. Moreover, look for a ship booking solution that ensures hassle-free movement of your shipment. 

Minimized deconsolidation as well as reconsolidation

Shipment on a breakbulk ocean vessel like a ship or barge does not need to be segregated into pieces. This is called deconsolidation. It means cost savings for shippers with oversized goods. Eventually, it results in fast delivery

Easy transportation

Breakbulk shipping does not need that the items to be detached into containers. Rather, huge or heavy goods are loaded with special equipment like cranes to load a commercial vessel. It ensures easy transportation of bulky goods. 

Why Breakbulk Shipping is in Demand?

Roll-on-Roll-off (RO) is usually applicable when shipping breakbulk items. A majority of heavy breakbulk consignments make the best use of RO to avert charges including storage, container hire, equipment rental, and extra labor. RO liner services use a regularly planned schedule leading to fewer cancellations at very short notice or for that matter postponement. When routes chosen to ship your goods are difficult, transshipment will assure that the shipment reaches the destination on time, at least within a reasonable time. 


The major advantage of breakbulk shipping is that it makes the movement of heavy and oversized items easier, which won’t fit into a cargo bin or container. It is also cost-effective.


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