How to Book a Private Jet for Your Next International Meeting?

Private jets sound quite luxurious and they definitely are, for all the numerous benefits that they provide. While flying privately might be a bit expensive, it surely pays for every penny spent, especially if you have an international meeting to attend. Safety, added value, time, privacy, security, comfort, amenities, hassle-free entry, and personalization are just some of the many perks that it offers.

We are quite sure that you would also want to avail these benefits and the privilege of flying in a private jet. Here is what you need to know when booking aircraft charter services Dubai:

Which Charter Firm To Choose?

To begin with, you should know which charter firm to choose. While it may sound like a daunting task for the starters, it is actually pretty simple. You just have to ask a few important and right questions to get through.

There are categories of private jet companies: operators and brokerages. While operators are the companies that physically maintain and fly the aircraft themselves, brokerages, on the other hand, are the intermediaries between the customers and the operators.

Choosing any one of these is a matter of choice and preference. While some want to cut the chase and go straight to the operator, others do not mind going through the broker. For frequent travelers, prepaying for flights, choosing the membership-based program, or opting for financial ownership can be beneficial. The charter also provides the perks of flying private without long-term investment.

What is The Process to Find The Aircraft?

A prospective client, who is planning a flight should ask the charter representative, the following questions:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you plan to depart and return?
  • How many passengers do you have (if any)?
  • What is the size of the aircraft?
  • How much luggage do you have?

What is Your Budget?

Asking these questions will help you plan ahead. You can also bring someone along if there is any slot free. The same goes for baggage. You can carry more than is allowed on a commercial flight, but make sure that it exceeds the limit. After all, there are other people too, who are going to bring their luggage too.

Most importantly, giving a budget upfront will allow the charter representative to look for better and best suitable options.

What is the Safety Level?

Not all aircraft operate at the same levels. Although they all surpass the required standards of safety, every operator has a different manner for their pilots.

This safety measure includes the safety ratings of the aircraft, crew, and operator. With a greater level of rating, the clients are also able to place their trust and faith in the team.

Just to give a clear idea, the safety ratings are based on the result of the safety audit. The flight crew should meet the set threshold to fly under safety ratings.

Moreover, clients are also entitled to inquire about cleanliness, hygiene to avoid coming in contact with potentially infectious pathogens. Special instruction and care are needed in the post-pandemic world.

What does the Booking Process Involve?

Once all the information is conveyed, and all the questions are responded to, the charter representatives look for different aircraft to choose from. The charter flight will also include some of the other amenities like Wi-Fi and then give a final quote of the price.

After accepting it, the client will have to sign up the contract outlying the terms and conditions. This contract is comprehensive and lists out all the policies in detail. Make sure to read them thoroughly and then sign them.

Payment is the last step that concludes the booking process The options include wire transfer, credit card, or a cheque. There can also be some additional payments that include catering or ground transportation. All of that goes on the final bill. Once done, you are free to fly.

What to Expect on The Day of the Flight?

Once the booking process completes, the client will receive an itinerary or a trip sheet. It includes three important detail:

  • The tail number of the aircraft
  • Departure facility
  • Departure time

The tail number acts as a method of identification and shows which flight they will be traveling by. Unlike commercial planes, private jets have a flight number and the tail number is the only way to track them and identify them, Also, Read refund for a canceled delta flight.

Onboard the Aircraft

The departure facility is often at a private terminal known as a fixed base operator of FBO. Departing out of FBO means you can drive right to the aircraft and have a car valet facility available there too. Once inside, the passenger will give their tail number to the front desk who will escort them in and connect them to the crew and pilot. Luggage will follow behind.

After an identification check and quick pre-flight briefing, the aircraft is all set to fly.

This clearly shows that private jets are truly hassle-free and add to the convenience. Simply follow these steps and enjoy a safe and personalized trip to your destination.

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