Board Exams Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Students of Class 10

It is certainly not an easy task to prepare for Class 10 Exams, especially in light of the pandemic, online classes, and reduced syllabus for most boards. Hence, we will try to walk you through the strategies to prepare the most effectively for class 10 exams. Studying does not have to be hard. These are simple hacks to help you study well for the board exams. 

Students of Maharashtra Board preparing for their Class 10th board exams are advised to consult the Maharashtra SSC board syllabus 10th 2021 for English, Maths, Science & Social Science, especially. Maharashtra State Board 10th std books PDF also provide a guide to prepare effectively for the board exams, since the topics from it cover the majority of questions that appear on exam papers. 

Tips and Tricks to Score Well 

Even though not all strategies will work universally for all students, these tips can be tailored according to their needs. While it is no shortcut replacement for hard work, some of these tips do help to increase the efficiency of the students. 

Organise your study and reference materials, according to the topics and subjects:

Doing so helps the students to get a better idea about the scope of the topics and how to approach the studies in a more efficient manner. 

Making a cheat sheet can be beneficial:

When students sift through all the study materials to find the important points, they are able to identify what they require to know, and rewriting what they require to know is helpful for them to remember. 

Don’t just cram for the last minute:

Study early and often. In the event of poor planning, the student might experience time constraints, lack of sleep, and lack of motivation, leaving them feeling unprepared and stressed before their exams. 

You may want to prepare a schedule for only one week in advance.

While some students like to have a plan in place for six months in advance, it is likely to change as you begin to study. As such, be adaptable, have a flexible schedule, and be ready for change as required. 

Sleep and relaxation are equally important:

After a day of studying, you need to have power naps and relax. Rejuvenating your mind will also give you a fresher outlook on your studies when you return. 

Rather than stressing over what you don’t know, concentrate more on what you do know:

Don’t worry about concepts you do not understand, just focus on what you do know well and prepare really well for that. We all have our weaknesses, accept yours and concentrate on what you know well.

Apart from these tips to boost efficacy, students should also prepare for the exams by consulting the best resources and study materials. You have access to a wide range of resources for the board exams, including syllabuses and question papers. It’s just a matter of knowing how to utilise them effectively. 

Following these study hacks and strategies will surely help you to increase your productivity level. Additionally, students of Maharashtra Board can refer to the Maharashtra State Board books PDF free download to get a better grasp of the major topics of the subject. It is not important how much you have studied, provided you tackle the exams fearlessly and with proper confidence.

Finally, learning how to manage your time most efficiently, including making time for revision and avoiding repeating your mistakes, will help you to succeed in the exams.  Follow these hacks to be successful on the board exams and get the best results. Just as with regular exams, be thorough with the required subjects before the board exams. 

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