Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card – One card, Many Benefits

You may have heard about this card from family members and friends, but before you log in to apply, it is necessary to know what makes the digital Bajaj Finserv Insta Digital EMI Card special. You would want to know how much more you can get out of this EMI card than other cards on the market. 

You may already own a credit card or two and probably more than one debit card. You might even have an EMI card issued by some bank or other financial organisation. But do they address your needs well? It is, therefore, necessary to look into the benefits offered by the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card

Basically, any card will endeavour to take care of three things: complete customer satisfaction without the depressing interest, one card that can potentially solve most of your financial problems and, of course, complete security. 

These important issues and need to handled individually.

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Customer satisfaction

The issue can be studied under different heads as follows:

Income proof: When you apply for other cards, most other organisations may demand an “acceptable” income proof. Sometimes this barrier is rather high. A lot of paperwork also needed to be done, and your current income level may not have been enough.

This card also needs you to have a regular income, but even your average-level income should be enough to get you a card. The company just wants to know that you are solvent enough to service EMI payments. 

The paperwork required in this case is minimal. This provides you with easy access to the card. 

A quick start: Another feature is that you get started quickly enough, an indicator to the word ‘instant’ in the card name. At the end of the quick process, the 100% digital and completely secure card will be in your phone. You can start your purchases almost immediately. That seems to be one of the better features of this card. 

The spread: As you start your shopping, there will be, before you, over a million products spread across over a lakh partner stores (online and offline). These stores are spread across over 2,300 Indian cities. That means you can always find one store near to you. 

The items on offer range from essentials to luxury, and with this leveraged fund source, much of that will be within your reach. 

It seems this card has been designed for the family, and with your fixed income in mind. Many other cards offer EMIs. However, this Bajaj digital EMI Card has some unique features that make it stand out in the crowd.

The offer of EMIs is free of charge. This means that you do not pay any interest on the loan. You just pay for what you bought.

The payback periods: Most other cards – credit cards and EMI cards – allow you a 45-50 day safe period, in which you can pay back sans interest. Some of them even allow you a 9-month payback period. The Bajaj Insta EMI card offers a maximum of 24 months to pay back big-ticket purchases that are charge-free. Also, there is no need for any initial down payment.

Solving problems: While you cannot boost your income instantly, you can leverage your existing income manifold through this card. While you pay back in long installments, you can balance your budget with ease.

Wallet: Added to that is another special feature, the card wallet. This is an exclusive feature of the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card. This feature enables you to transfer an amount of Rs 5,000 from your card to a MobiKwik Wallet. That becomes almost like cash. You can then use this amount to transact with over 1.2 million online and offline MobiKwik merchant stores. This tie-up allows you to not only access more partner stores, but to pay for other services that the Insta card may not approve, but MobiKwik allows. 

MobiKwik is a financial instrument that focuses on lending, asset management, wealth management, and insurance. This app also offers exciting cashback and rewards, tilted towards ensuring more savings. You will be required to download the MobiKwik app and follow simple steps to pay the Bajaj EMI. This arrangement allows you to profit even as you pay back your loan.

Security: Apart from the fact that this card is fully digital – which means you cannot lose it – there are other built-in security features. 

Customer identification numbers are allocated for transactions. This unique number identifies you and your transactions, making all payments and repayments easy. This is the number used by the company while sanctioning the conversion of high-end bills into reasonable and convenient equated monthly installments (EMIs).

This also means that no unauthorized payments are possible with this card.

These are some of the versatile features of the card.

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