All You Wanted to Know About Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine: Effects, risks, and managing addiction

People know cocaine is addictive, yet they snort it, smoke it, or inject it. Also called powder, blow, or coke, this white powder hits your central nervous system and creates a unique euphoria. You feel invincible and might indulge in activities that you may not in a sane mind. 

According to a Georgia drug rehab center specialist, addiction to cocaine is one of the worst addictions you can have in the world. The addict does not realize this. They stay in their own world of euphoria. However, as per doctors, taking cocaine is one of the worst things you could do to yourselves. 

What do addiction specialists say about cocaine? 

You cannot use cocaine; you can only abuse it. Cocaine is an illegal substance and has no medical use as such. 

Cocaine affects almost every part of the body and the effect is negative. You cannot extract anything positive about this white powder. The harm inflicted by cocaine stays long in the body. 

A few of the horrifying effects of cocaine include genetic alterations in brain cells, proteins, and nerve cells of the body. And these changes are permanent! 

So, it is quite a challenge for a cocaine addicts to come back to their normal self. There are people who have quit cocaine and are living sober. But it requires a tremendous amount of willpower and self-discipline to do that. 

That’s why if you are a cocaine addict and wish to De-addict, you must look not beyond some of the most reputable treatment centers like Daylight Detox addiction treatment center

How you use cocaine also matters

The way you use cocaine determines the duration and potency of its effects. 

For example, snorting effects are short-lived. They last just 15-30 minutes. 

Injecting or smoking cocaine is more powerful, but this lasts even shorter – just 5-10 minutes. 

Due to the short-lived effect of this drug, addicts tend to use it frequently to maintain the effects. This greatly increases the risk of overdosing. 

Continued use of cocaine can put pressure on the heart and lead to a fatal cardiac arrest or stroke. 

Cocaine addiction is not something to live by. You must get rid of it as fast as possible. It is common to find addicts who are reluctant to join a rehab for de-addiction. 

Many addicts fail to recognize their addiction. They strongly crave cocaine and take it despite knowing the consequences. According to rehabilitation specialists, these are perfect signs of an addiction. 

In all such cases, addicts’ families and friends must pursue them to enroll in a rehabilitation program. If they do not listen, professional intervention is needed. 

Do not let a cocaine addict be on his or her own. Never think they will come out of their addiction on their own. This is nearly impossible AND dangerous. Search for “drug rehab near me” and let the addict take professional help. 

Cocaine inflicts physical damage to the body. The person may need medical treatment. A treatment featuring detox, medically assisted therapy, and behavioral therapy is found to be effective. 

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