Affordable online medicine delivery app

Truemeds is considered to be the best online medicine delivery app to buy online drugs in India. This is because of the great online services that this online medicine delivery app offers to its customers.  

Few services offered by Trumeds: 

  • Convenient for everyone and saves a lot of time.
  • Sells government-approved, cost-effective medicines. 
  • Offers discounts by up to 72%.
  • Supplies medicines from the top 30 manufacturers.
  • Fast home delivery within 48-72 hours.
  • Free certified doctor consultation.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • Easy returns and refunds.

These reasons are enough to call it one of the best apps to buy online drugs in India. Among all reasons mentioned above, affordability in medicines is an important reason why most people prefer Truemeds! 

Truemeds is an app to buy online drugs affordably. It understands its customers’ financial burden of buying medicines and contributes its bit in supporting them.

Why is Truemeds’ affordable than other apps? 

  • Truemeds sell generic medicines:


The online medicine delivery app sells generic medicines, which are a lot cheaper than brand-name medicines. 


Because there are no advertisements of generic medicines on television or radio, they are cheaper than branded medicines.


Generic medicines don’t have to repeat animal studies to prove safety and effectiveness as branded versions, thus costs less.


These reasons make generic medicines affordable for everyone. Affordability isn’t the only reason why Truemeds sells generic medicines. Other reasons include:


  1. Generic medicines have the same clinical effect as brand-name medicines.
  2. Same route of administration.
  3. These medicines are sold only after patent approval.
  4. Goes through the same strict-standard testing.
  5. Are safe to consume.


Besides, cost-effectivity all these reasons contribute to the safety and effectiveness of generic medicines. Thus, Truemeds sells them.

  • No middlemen:


Many offline and online pharmacies involve middlemen to supply medicines to customers, which increases the cost of medicines. But, the online medicine delivery app supplies medicines directly from the manufacturers to the customers. Thus sells medicines at a reasonable price. 

  • Offers a legit discount of up to 72%:


An online medicine delivery app selling medicines at a discount of up to 72% on every medicine seems too good to be true. But, with Truemeds, it is 100% legit. The online medicine delivery app offers a legit discount and makes it easier for the customers to buy online drugs without harming pockets.

  • Occasional promo codes and other offers:


The cost-effectivity of medicines with Truemeds isn’t just limited to discounts. The online medicine delivery app also offers occasional promo codes, rewards, and other offers to customers to make their purchases more pocket-friendly. 

  • Free delivery of medicines:


Every purchase of medicines at least costs a minimum of Rs 500. Paying shipping charges loads up the burden. The online medicine delivery app helps to relieve the burden of shipping charges from its customers. It offers free delivery of orders that costs Rs 500 or more. 


In this way, Truemeds helps you to buy online drugs without breaking into the bank. 

Try Truemeds to buy online drugs safely and affordably.


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