7 Tips to stay fit While you work from home.

Working from Home has been prominent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. If Work from Home has enabled us to keep working and earn our bread and butter in these challenging times, it has also significantly impacted our health. Thanks to the internet and all the tech companies working 24×7 to provide seamless connectivity among the pandemic.

Work from Home was already popular among several IT companies around the globe, but the pandemic made it a rule in almost every sector. It is the best thing that companies can do to keep practising physical distancing and safeguard their employees. But it has led to a rise in several health issues as little physical things like walking throughout the office, commuting for work, and enjoying lunch outside the office are not part of our daily life. We are now confined in our houses for over months.

Pandemic Affecting our lives:

Covid-19 has not only affected physical well-being but has traumatized several affected people. The pandemic has further broadened the gap between economic inequality and inadequate social protection.

However, the key to resolving all these problems is to keep your body and mind healthy by properly taking care of yourself. We have some effective suggestion to keep yourself in shape working from home.

7 Tips to stay fit While you work from home.

Tips to Stay Healthy while you are working from home.

There are several ways through which people can stay healthy while working from home. Along with physical well-being, it is equally essential that you have peace of mind. Based on this equation, here are our handpicked tips to keep yourself active and healthy.

1. Good Eating Habits

Due to the inability to go outside our homes, it is highly recommended to have healthy food so that the body can process it easily. Moreover, good eating habits are also necessary to stay away from diseases. It is always recommended to have meals at the same time for better digestion. Other prominent good habits include:

  • Eat breakfast as early as you can, preferably within one of waking up.
  • Eat the Last meal three hours before bedtime.
  • Drink Water half an hour after you have taken your meal.
  • Give stomach 3-4 hours to digest food.

2. Exercise Regularly

Jonathan Meyers, a health research scientist from Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health System in California, says that “Exercise has a favourable effect on virtually all risk factors of cardiovascular disease”. To keep the physical health in shape, there is nothing better than doing regular exercise. There are several ways to keep your body in shape by doing exercise. However, if you cannot do exercise, then at least stretch out your body to avoid stiff sores and muscles.

However, several other ways, including laundry squats, Pilates, resistance exercises, dancing, etc., keep your muscles strong and ligaments well-connected. Below we are mentioning some ways for easy exercise:

  • Walk around your locality at least once a day.
  • Stretch your body if you are in the house.
  • Perform standalone exercises which do not need any apparatus.
  • Try to walk more rather than using vehicles.

3. Get Up Every Hour

While working, we forget that for how many hours are being sedentary in the same posture. It may adversely impact on your joints and even increases the risk of heart diseases. It may also lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

The only solution to the problem is to set a timer and move for few minutes after an hour. Smartwatches these days can be pretty helpful as the sedentary alarm is a prominent feature that can ring or prompt you to walk. There are several other primaries uses for smartwatches, including the ability to measure all the health vitals.

4. Go Digital

Smartphones and smartwatches are often helpful in measuring the body vitals and maintaining physical activities. Especially, the smartwatches act as a guide while doing exercise. Some of the smartwatch benefits include analyzing sleep quality, measuring stress, and evaluating overall health by using heart rate sensors, blood oxygen monitors, etc.

Some advanced smartwatches like Apple Watch 6 enable the user to measure the ECG, which can help heart patients to detect early signs of heart strokes or heart attacks.

“There is no more guesswork. Smartwatches help you stay in shape by closely monitoring your day-to-day activities along with body metrics,” Saneesh VS from DigitMize Says.

5. opt for a standing desk.

If you sit on a chair continuously for several hours a day, that can cause some serious disease at a later age. It is recommended to stand and work, and the standing desk can be your favourite pick while working from home.

It also enables the user to stay active and improve productivity. It is among the top tips for professionals who are working from home. It might be an awesome way to keep your posture straight and keep the diseases at bay.

6. Yoga from Home

Yoga is quite effective in maintaining the physical as well as the mental health of a human being. The user can easily opt for online yoga classes or can do some simple asanas by learning from YouTube. It is highly recommended to get training from a certified yoga trainer for getting maximum benefit.

7. Remain Positive

Last but not the thing is to remain positive, no matter how many issues or problems you face. Stress is the root cause of many health problems that may later affect your physical body too. So, always be happy and keep people around you happy. It is the only way to boost your mood and become more productive. The better your inner self is, the outer shall follow too.

These are some main ways to remain fit while working from home. Most of the things that are mentioned are lifestyle changes which you shall sow in your life for better yield later in life.

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