5 Reasons to Enroll in a Diploma Program for Fashion Design

Did you know that a career in fashion design can lead to many fascinating and creative opportunities if you have an interest in design and style? Additionally, you can anticipate more fashion designing opportunities in the future as the Indian fashion market is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11–12% by 2025. 

But, do you know that besides a regular fashion degree education, a diploma in fashion design can equally prepare you for excellent prospects? In this blog, we will explore 5 compelling reasons that can influence you to sign up for a fashion designing diploma course.

Diploma in Fashion Design- Course Information

When searching for a fashion designing diploma, you will come across a professional-level course that takes a short amount of time. Additionally, with practical and hands-on experience, this course will also assist you in strategising and providing services in the fashion and lifestyle market. 

And, if you want to learn about the newest trends in the fashion business and enhance your skills, you can look at the specifics of the LISAA School of Design’s diploma programme in fashion design. After completing this programme at the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore, you will also be qualified for great professional opportunities and a respectable compensation package.

Course Highlights 

For some crucial facts about the fashion design diploma offered by the LISAA School of Design, one of the prominent design colleges in Bangalore, please refer to the table below:


Course Type Diploma 
Course Duration  1 year
Course Pattern  Semester Format 
Eligibility Criteria 
  • Finish your studies at the 10+2 level, or the equivalent, from any approved board.
  • Obtain a minimum aggregate percentage in your 12th standard. 
Admission Procedure  Usually, you should appear for the LISAA Creative Aptitude Test (CAT)  to study a fashion design diploma course at the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore.

Why Should You Pursue a Diploma in Fashion Design?

As one of the most sought-after courses in India, a diploma in fashion design course focuses on different major themes. You will also be exposed to various research methods, techniques, and processes throughout its curriculum. For your reference, we have outlined below 5 important features that can encourage you to pursue a fashion designing diploma: 

  • Provides you Hands-on Learning Experience

In contrast to conventional academic environments, the diploma degrees in fashion design will concentrate on providing you with the fundamental tools needed to succeed in the field. Additionally, you can acquire practical experience from pattern-making to sewing skills to perform in real-world situations. You will further gain exposure to the practical parts of fashion design and a varied skill set by engaging with industry professionals and working on a variety of design projects.

  • Cost-effective and Takes Less Time 

You will find that a fashion & textile design diploma course is more affordable and has a shorter duration than a degree programme. Typically, you can start working in the industry sooner and finish this course in a year or two. Furthermore, a diploma programme will only teach you courses relevant to fashion design. Consequently, you will be able to complete your coursework faster by saving money and time. 

  • Industry-focused Curriculum

Above all, you will find a fashion design diploma to highly value industry-focused curriculum and practical knowledge. And, together with teaching you design processes, this will also provide you an overview of entrepreneurship, retail management, and fashion marketing, and it will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the field. Its curriculum also has the potential to expose you to the fashion industry and help you build important relationships.

  • Versatile Career Opportunities

As a diverse field, fashion design will provide you with the hands-on training and technical and creative abilities that the industry needs to pursue amazing career opportunities. Additionally, possessing a diploma offers a strong basis for future specialisation in fields like costume, footwear, or accessory design. Just like an MBA in fashion designing, a fashion designing diploma will allow you the freedom to explore the listed-below career options:

  • Fashion Stylist.
  • Visual Merchandiser.
  • Pattern Maker.
  • Textile Designer.
  • Fashion Blogger.
  • Retail Merchandiser.
  • Fashion Quality Controller.
  • Flexibility and Entrepreneurship

You can explore business and launch your fashion brands with the flexibility that a fashion designing diploma will provide. You will also be able to realise your visions by using the information you have acquired from this degree. Moreover, a fashion design diploma will also equip you with the talents needed to work independently in the field, from designing and producing their clothing lines to managing their enterprises. You will also be able to express your originality and establish yourself in the cutthroat world of fashion because of this flexibility.

Final Words

As you can see, enrolling in a diploma in fashion design will get you a hold of numerous advantages.  Furthermore, you will exclusively receive a comprehensive education from this study plan, preparing you for success in the fashion sector. Thus, if you are passionate about the fashion industry and willing to begin your career as a fashion designer, you should think about signing up for this course.


1. Do I need any specific skills to enrol in a fashion design diploma?

While possessing fashion design skills can be beneficial, fashion design diploma courses are open if you are passionate about fashion and creativity.

2. Can I get financial assistance for a fashion design diploma course?

As a well-known design institute in Bangalore, the LISAA School of Design will grant you scholarships to study fashion design diplomas. For further details about financial aid, you can visit its official website.

3. What crucial topics are covered by a diploma in fashion design?

You can gain knowledge of fashion illustration, textiles, pattern drafting, trend forecasting, and marketing with a diploma in fashion design.

4. What is the salary range for fashion designers in India?

According to AmbitionBox, you can anticipate earning between INR 0.3-7.2 lakhs with an average annual salary of INR 4.1 lakhs as a fashion designer.

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