5 Google Chrome Extensions Every Marketers Should Use

Google Chrome is one of the most trusted web browsers in the world alongside Safari and Firefox. The reason why Google Chrome has the edge over others so that it is fast, easy to use and efficient. 

Along with these three reasons, Chrome is also widely used because of the plethora of useful marketing extensions it has in its treasure trove. But, did you know these extensions existed?

Are you someone who had been doing all their work on Chrome without any help?

Not to worry! Here are 5 Google Chrome extensions every marketer should use to work efficiently. 

#1- Stay Focussed

Stay Focussed is a Google Chrome extension that stops marketers from diverging into distractions. It is natural to get lost when you are deep into research and data analysis. Therefore, extensions such as Stay Focussed allows you to block mobile applications and web pages that may be the cause of your distraction. 

This Chrome extension is free of cost. 

#2- Diigo Web Collector

Diigo Web Collector is an extension that helps you collect tidbits of information across the internet and places all of it together to be used at your convenience. 

Marketers who spend hours in research, development and analysis will find this extension extremely useful as we often tend to lose bits of info here and there. 

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This Chrome extension is free of cost 

#3- Canva

Let’s be honest, Canva is the saving grace of most marketers out there. The plethora of options, be it templates, graphics, or elements, there is something and everything for everyone. The application has made it so easy for marketers to create unique and fresh content regularly that I’m sure no one can replace it in the near future. 

This Chrome extension has both free and pro versions for marketers to use. 

#4- Figure It Out

Figure It Out may seem like a trivial extension that does what any search engine does with just one search. However, for marketers it solves one of their greatest hindrances. 

Marketers work across different time zones, since social media is a global phenomena. What may seem like a good time to post in India, will be the absolute worst time in America. Therefore, Figure It Out helps you keep tabs on 10 different time zones. With this you can schedule your posts accordingly.  

This Chrome extension has both free and paid versions. 

#5- Unsplash Instant

With Unsplash instant you can solve the problem of looking for good quality pictures every other hour. On this extension you’ll find aesthetic, good quality images that can be used for various marketing purposes. 

This Chrome extension is free of cost. 

In Conclusion

Google Chrome offers its users a plethora of extensions. If you mine out the best ones, they may actually streamline your working pace. In this article we have narrowed down the list to 5 extensions that every marketer should use. 

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