4 most effective social media advertisement tips for marketing your crocheting business

Social media is one of the best places to market your business in the current day and age. Not only can big and established businesses take advantage of this fact, but it can be a godsend for small businesses too. The latter usually don’t have enough funds to spend thousands and tens of thousands on marketing. So social media marketing is excellent since there is little to no amount required to advertise there.

As a crochet business, there are many social media marketing strategies you can try. From posters, testimonials, and even short videos, you can implement them all to give your business a boost. Here is how to do it.

Choosing The Right Platform

Half the success of a social media marketing strategy lies in selecting the appropriate social media platform for the task. For example, if the product being marketed has a lot of visual elements then you’re better off marketing on Instagram and Pinterest. If it requires a wider reach and frequent reinforcement, then Twitter would be better.

Considering that you have a crochet business, Instagram and Facebook will be best here. Instagram will let you show off your masterpieces while Facebook will allow you to create a community of buyers and other interested parties. You can also sell some of your pieces on Facebook marketplace if you don’t have a website set up.

Showcase your Craftsmanship

Social media is a great place to show off your craftsmanship, the time and effort it goes into creating the crochet pieces you sell. Oftentimes people just look at the end product and ignore the sweat, blood, and tears that went into creating it. But social media allows you to showcase exactly that.

Create short videos highlighting the process of creating some of your pieces. You can also do the same thing with a slideshow but a video is most effective. This will market your goods and create a better appreciation for your craft. You can create these posts easily with PosterMyWall social media marketing templates. These are professionally designed templates so it will help create the impression you’re going for.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a wonderful social media tool that drives engagement to posts and makes them discoverable to a wider audience. These hashtags are kind of like keywords that allow people to search for content. For example, a person searching for posts related to cars may use a hashtag “#cars” and be shown multiple posts related to them.

Use relevant hashtags such as #crochet or #crochetpattern. While generic, these hashtags will drive traffic to your page. Compliment your hashtags with captions that offer more information about your products to potentially new customers.

This crocheting business used the same hashtags we talked about along with a few others in their post. This allowed them to get greater visibility for that post, which people can see and interact with. Since they crocheted a popular character, they have included hashtags covering that too. Something similar can also work for you with some changes based on what you’re crocheting.

Use Reviews

Customers often leave reviews when they purchase your products. Most businesses dread receiving reviews as they can be negative at times. However, reviews can be one of the most effective marketing collateral you can have. These are pieces of feedback written by end users who have received and used your product. So customers who are on the fence about making a purchase will pay attention to these.

Highlight the best reviews you have and share them on social media via posts. Thank the user for their review and reiterate your commitment to providing good service. You may even ask users to create social media posts where they review your product. You can then cross-post them on your feed and put up a relevant caption with it. It’s the same thing as reviews left elsewhere, but these will be limited locally on social media. Videos are the best for this but pictorial representation can also work too.

In Conclusion

The key to promoting anything on social media lies in consistency. You must consistently and repeatedly drive the message into your target audience. This reinforcement will help them take action when the time arrives. There are many social media strategies you can use but we have covered some of the best ones in the article above.

They are simple and easy to do but some that are true, tried, and tested to deliver results time and time again. If you consistently utilize them, you will see results and your crocheting business will grow.

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