4 eCommerce Trends to Watch Out For

In recent times, eCommerce has taken industries by storm. Many businesses have taken it upon themselves to make their mark and create a lasting impact on the internet.


This way, they virtually remain open twenty-four hours a day, all year round. The fact that you are available online makes it easy for prospects to access your store.


Finally, the marketing possibilities available with eCommerce are highly modern, making it easier than ever to spread the word about your product or service.


With new daily developments in eCommerce, businesses are perpetually familiarizing themselves with trends to help them keep up with the competition. Read on to find out what to expect and how you can use the trends to your advantage.


1. Mobile shopping will be on the rise.

Retailers are investing in more efficient and diversified user experiences, including enhancing their mobile shoppers’ shopping experience. This is due to the fact that most consumers use their mobile devices to conduct research and explore the web before making purchases.


Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable making purchases from their smartphones as their confidence in online shopping grows, especially among tech-savvy individuals who grew up surrounded by computers and the internet. People are also wary of returning to in-store purchasing after shopping online since the COVID-19 outbreak.


2. Social media shopping campaigns

With the introduction of social media shopping platforms such as those on Instagram and Facebook, the number of virtual shoppers is fast rising online. The Buy and Checkout functions are also available on the two big social media platforms, owing to the effect of social media on the eCommerce sector.


TikTok is another emerging platform that has captivated the hearts of millennials. The platform also focuses on including eCommerce capabilities, such as shoppable links in clips and user profiles. 

Because social media has altered the way people browse and buy goods, eCommerce businesses must rethink how they position themselves on social networks to be noticed by customers.


This is particularly true among the younger generation of customers, who are discovering independent companies through social media channels.


3. A rise in sustainability practices

Sustainability is gradually becoming more essential than it has ever been before. Since COVID, we have learned what it is like if supply chains and shipping were not in place. Many businesses are becoming entirely digital to reduce operating expenses, and they’re arming themselves with network security devices, cloud cloud computing, and applications to automate everything from conception to delivery.


The use of QR code generator technology is becoming increasingly popular in the creation of sustainable packaging. Companies may use QR codes to offer possibilities for innovation in their packaging while also being environmentally friendly. CPG brands, for instance, can eliminate the product handbook from the package by converting manuals or instructional materials into a PDF QR code.


In addition, instead of searching for information online, users may use QR codes to get immediate access to product information. Many businesses will save money by publishing a PDF QR code and a small booklet rather than producing a thousand pages of product manuals, which is both expensive and ecologically harmful. A PDF QR code is cost-effective and ecologically friendly, as well as innovative.


4. Growth of anti-counterfeit product packaging

QR code-based identification is used in the anti-counterfeit packaging technology to assist and guide the end-user and business salesperson in scanning and identifying the authenticity of a product using smart gadgets such as phones.


Printing unique QR codes for product tags and packaging is an option for the product and manufacturing company. This QR code will have digital details about a product, such as the model number/serial number, the manufacturer and date of production, and other authentication information. This code may be on the outside of the container or in the primary packaging of a product that the end-user will see.



We can readily see a day when we purchase everything online, from food to automobiles. Keeping pace with the trends will either make or ruin your business, so pay close attention! eCommerce is an irresistible force that has the potential to last a very long time.

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